Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Why My Band Collapse Is Like The Dead Kennedys Or Something

I just want to share with everyone what my band is about, my band Collapse www.officialcollapse.com is similar to artists like the Dead Kennedys or something. Meaning that it is independent of a specific music scene and stands on it's own.

So although I play in the Death Metal category I am independently working on playing in the "larger" music scene of Alternative or Pop Rock or something in the big one like on MTV.

What I mean by that is I am a Death Metal band that I am sustaining myself with my own Record Label Forward Regression Records and trying to play in the larger "music catalog" of something like Heavy Rock or Alternative Music. 

That means I'm not part of a local music scene with a bunch of local bands around me like in the other Death Metal scene like in Montreal or some other city with a Heavy Metal Scene.

So when you see their bands they are all listed together in the same smaller "heavy metal catalogs" like on Nuclear Blast Records or something which was recently acquired by a Sony sub label or something.

My band Collapse is separate from all that like the Dead Kennedys or something and trying to stand on it's own by itself. My goal for that is to try and get in the mainstream music catalog with other bigger artists like The Offspring or something and them, who are playing in Halifax this November, or other alternative acts and I would be listed in that as the only Death Metal band.

That is what my goal is anyway, I would be listed in the larger music catalogs as Collapse and would probably be the only Death Metal band in the list and I am doing that on my own, plus I have the money for it and run the label. 

Other bands that I would be promoting or working with together would just be hanging off that at the Nuclear Blast Records level or something trying to make a name for themselves, bigger bands in the smaller scene like Carcass or something.

In fact the Dead Kennedys are one of my biggest influences and I have been listen to them since about 1990 around 5 years after their last album came out. The band members though of the Dead Kennedys have remained active and there are many other albums out under different names to listen to. I also have similar political themes in my music and writing as the Dead Kennedys from San Francisco I think deal with on their albums and spoken word material. 

Like this, being independent like that you don't really see a lot of press on it but big stuff happens on a regular basis around me because everyone knows I'm doing that and there's money and all this attention around it and stuff.

Here is my Dead Kennedys like story for my band Collapse, one of the things I like to do is to relate my band to bands like the Dead Kennedys so people can understand what I am talking about because life playing in a band like that you experience stuff that is not normal in everyday life with all these bizarre events happening around you.  

This story is this week I was sued in Court in what looks like a "fake" court case for "unpaid credit payments" by an outside third party when the arrangement was already made and a separate issue, like credit card debt. So even though you have a credit card debt you have to make monthly payments and are allowed to keep a balance on it. Then someone intervened and tried to collect my back debts on the credit card balance with a fake court case for like "wage garnishment" or something from the Nova Scotia Government.   

The Government filed the case against me representing the third party debt collector and tried to collect the back debts in a fake case this past Monday, August 19 and now I am suing them already in Civil Court for damages because the actual debt was paid and their case against me was fake.

Why they would do that I am not sure but they acted as some kind of collection agency I'm assuming trying to get a commission for collecting unpaid debts. My thoughts are that they put a fake case through or something to try to get a commission off collecting my back debts by forcing into court with a fake case to pay the debts.

Now I am suing the parties over the fake case which is the Nova Scotia Government office like for debt collection and also the Third Party Debt Collector. 

What is going to happen today is I have slowed them down and pushed back the hearing dates is what I am told will happen and they are going to have to get lawyers to defend themselves in Civil Court. So the government and the third party debt collector will both have to get separate lawyers. 

For example this may take a long time as I have to find out who the third party debt collector is for example and stuff like that under the Civil Litigation to find out who they are etc. So the third party debt collector is going to be facing massive legal fees from defending my case against them in Civil Court which will take an undetermined amount of time.

In many cases large legal fees defending a Civil Court lawsuit may bankrupt a Company like a debt collector so they and the Nova Scotia Government are probably better off reaching a settlement in advance instead of getting involved in a lengthy court battle and accumulating large legal fees and mine have been already covered. 

That is what is happening and the direction I am persuing, that's what it's like in the music scene in the larger music catalog people, stuff and scams no one ever heard of.


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