Thursday, August 1, 2019

Defense Contractors Totally Exposed As Traitor Groups In The United States & Canada

Traitor Groups Reveal Themselves To Washington D.C. From the US Military
Here is the big story.

How to see this is you have to look at all the recent compiled news and events plus historical references etc. to determine where the Government Breach is at in Canada and the United States causing all the illegal laws being passed over the past twenty years.

This is also the explanation for the large Corporate Data Breaches in Canada like at Capital One who were just breached and consumer data was released on 6 Million Canadians, that really means it's probably everyone in Canada with a credit report.

The Military Defense Contractors have come forward claiming to own a piece of the United States, Canadian and NATO Defense Systems publicly and are claiming to own in a severed section of NATO United States Military Computers and Defense Systems which is Treason in the United States.

The Military Defense Contractors who work on Defense Contracts for the Government have claimed that they "own United States Military Defense Computers" and that they have built and own their own systems separate from the United States Military in their own separate NATO Faction.

Now Military officials have stepped forward claiming to own a piece of the United States in Private hands and are collecting tax money illegally from United States Citizens through Defense Contracts acquired through the regular United States Military. 

The tax money is being claimed apparently by Defense Contractors who cloned the United States and Canadian Military and Government Computer systems and have it held privately in their group "at home" through Companies like Raytheon. 

The private military defence contractor computer system which they built while doing contracts for the United States Military siphons United States tax money from Citizens to maintain their stolen section of the United States Government and Military.

Basically it is a stolen piece of the United States Government and Military Systems Computers which was made to siphon a section of United States tax money into their private hands which is Treason.

These military officials are apparently still posing as regular United States Military Personal and claiming to represent "defense contractors" in Washington D.C. while they use the contracts to maintain a "private economy" they are claiming off their privately held Military Bases and Defense Contracts at places like Raytheon and White Sands Military Base in New Mexico.

This separate non-Nato faction is also claiming to be controlling the United States Mexico Border with their illegally seized and cloned Military and Government Computers.

Then they are using the United States citizens tax money to fund the Democratic Political Party in the United States to put in their own political group in Washington D.C. all right in the public and against all laws in the United States and Canada as well as both countries Constitutions. 

Recently in the news these companies were just caught trying to go cross border behind the backs of the White House and the Canadian Parliament illegally to secure contracts for prescription drugs for United States citizens from Canada to secure the market before President Trump passes a legal law allowing cross border shopping for prescription drugs in an effort to steal the profits and tax money for the new United States and Canadian Prescription Drug trade deal.

That is probably also the source of all the Data Breaches at places like Equifax, Facebook and Capital One because of the breach of the United States and Canadian Government and Military Computers where these "defense contractors" are in their illegally doing fake contracts and stealing money.

Treason in the United States and Canada. 

This is a pretty simple operation here people...Traitors went in to work on Defense Contracts in the United States and Canadian Military to work on Government and Military Computer Systems.

Then they cloned their computer systems and held them in private hands at home through places like Raytheon and tapped the tax money and are posing as United States Military Officials and running private defence companies off the tax money.

Then they built up their money and launched a Political Group to run for office in Washington D.C. looking for "legitimacy in the government" , which has been denied, claiming to own the Mexico Border, United States Military Bases and the State of California. 

Now they are asking it to be handed to them as a legitimate group in the United States at the White House claiming they already own sections of the United States in their private group.

Obviously this is totally ridicules and no one is going to allow their freedoms to be handed to Raytheon and Traitors in the United States Military. You can see them all right now on the news committing treason right to the public's face and getting executed in Washington D.C. right now trying to "get through the congress" with their illegal group.

Much more to follow.


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