Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 31, 2019 - This Is A Big Day Everyone In The News

I'm telling you all that this is a big day in the news everyone and I am just starting to get the report news here at my desk now while I'm working on my webpage functionality and testing in on YouTube, the errors are listed on previous posts. 

What started out as a huge "baloney news" day turned into a huge news story day as I continued to read the news, I first reported this as "baloney news" but in fact it turned out to be real events happening. 

Here is what happened, Sobeys Grocery Store Business announced they are going to stop selling plastic bags in 2020 (that is a story I follow) then I said well I was recently just talking about the government tax on bags on cash purchases in Canada and then Sobeys are now blocking the Government from the tax money on bags by scrapping them at their stores and costing the government millions of dollars per year in tax money.

Then earlier they had sued the Nova Scotia Government to pass their own laws, which they won the case and have been fired automatically by the people under Canada's Constitution.  Reference , link CBC News

Just remember watching the news happen live like on 09,11, 2001 is super complicated but you are watching the actual history books being written like on the News. To me saying that today's news is the size of September 11th, 2001 is a big deal and it's happening again right now.

If you want to follow along with the History Book as it's happening on the news right now like on September 11,2001 then this information is for you. 

What happened is the Traitors in the United States just got caught in public in Canada and also at the 9th Circuit Court in the United States openly challenging the rights of the citizens in Washington D.C and Canada to have a free voting system in the United States and Canada. 

These other groups known as "traitors" are openly challenging to have a larger say over the citizens in the voting of the public. 

Right to the face of the citizens, you can read the news articles on my Twitter.

Sobeys business partner "Whole Foods" from the United States has also said they are banning Plastic Bags in their stores or something. 

Here is the key, that is Sobeys business partner from the United States.

Right now they are involved in several high profile Trade Mark Court Cases in the United States at the 9th Circuit Court.

That United States 9th Circuit court has been exposed in the news as the "home base" potentially of the Traitors and they are probably holding the disconnected branches of the United States and Canadian Government and using them for the Defense Contractors to sue through their seized courts to illegally pass laws over the State of California and they are claiming to own United States Military bases under the "guise" of Defence Contracting companies including White Sands Military base. 

These functions they are using are the United States 9th Circuit Courts which has the power to sue the President, Military Bases like White Sands, Defense Contracting Companies like Raytheon and are partnered with Companies like Sobeys and Whole Foods. 

In Canada they are using these combined Military and Business functions to illegally block the citizens in Nova Scotia from a fair public voting system under the Constitution of Canada by maintaining an illegally passed law in Nova Scotia to allow shopping on Sundays for over a decade now.

Obviously, we as citizens are in a war. 

Regular people - this is the time for you. 

These other groups known as Traitor Groups have seized they are claiming high profile United States Military Bases including White Sands. 

Then they are claiming that they are controlling the United States Military Bases through large Weapons Contracting Corporations like Raytheon and that they are partnered with Food Companies like Sobeys and Whole Foods.

These are all public documents, so we'll have to wait to see what happens and I will post news articles as this story progresses. 

What regular citizens can do as we dig deeper into the heart of this war is to remain calm and not participate in any irregular activities including scams, pyramid schemes that could potentially be the other people.

These other people may have crooked office buildings full of their own as they are claiming that they own their own "private economy" off Military Bases like White Sands and they are partnered with Food Corporations. 

Do not get involved in any of these shady activities or go "outside the lines" with them as that is what they are looking for, those illegal activities are crimes in the United States and Canada.

Right now these people are openly petitioning the United States Senate System in Washington D.C to allow them to have the rights to say they own the public's "civil liberties" privately in their own hands at their own property to gain the acknowledgement from Washington D.C. that they in fact do own states like California over the Citizens in a United States "Civil War" like scenario today.

The Political Party they are backing is the Democrats who are asking for an open Mexico Border and Free Benefits for illegal immigrants to support their political party to vote them into office in Washington D.C. to gain them a section of the United States and Canadian Governments which they are claiming to hold in private hands. 

This is what you have to understand:

This is several large Military bases claiming to own their own economy and are partnered in policy with Food Companies like Sobeys and Whole Foods.

They are claiming that they are being backed by Private Defense Contractors who manufacture Military Weapons for use at their bases and own large sums of cash.

The money they have is stolen tax money from United States and Canadian Citizens.   

They apparently seized sections of the United States Military like White Sands through United States Military Defence Contracts paid for illegally with United States and Canadian Tax Payer Money.

Then they used this money to back Food Companies and other business.

Then they have been captured by the Public Investigation as being openly the 9th Circuit United States Court.

There they are trying to sue the President to stop his policies from going in to the public to stop his Presidency illegally.  

At the same time they are using the same 9th Circuit Courts to bypass the Citizens in states like California to illegally "go over their heads" by using the seized 9th Circuit Courts to pass laws illegally in California through a "hole" they have in Washington D.C. at the Capital Level which allows them to change laws at the state level with no state voting all in their favor.

That is how they claim to own California, plus it was done with their own tax payer money. 

This private group is now claiming they have a voice in the United States and Canada by illegally overthrowing sections of the United States and Canadian Governments to change laws for their own private citizens, stealing everything they can get from the Government just like the Confederates did in the United States Civil War.

Obviously, these people have no friends around these parts where we all live at.

Regular citizens need to stand up and not allow these illegal laws to be passed by these illegal groups in the United States and Canada. 

Just right now they are openly petitioning the regular citizens at home through groups like the ACLU who are going around asking you to let them have your right to vote in California. 

These "traitor groups" led by Military Defense Contractors and stolen sections of the United States Military and openly petitioning for a public voice in Washington D.C. and are openly asking the citizens through the ACLU to allow them to represent the public - while saying they own the State of California by claiming to hold it illegally like in a separate faction in Washington D.C. right to everyone's faces.

That is also the same section that allowed the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to happen under the 9th Circuit United States Court System - now attempting to put itself separate in power right to our faces under the guise of branches of the United States Military.

Openly - then they are asking for public acknowledgement to allow them to have it in public against the United States and Canadian Constitutions. 

If a Civil War from the public today is what you were asking for then that it was it will be from the citizens.  


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