Thursday, July 18, 2019

Best All Time Summer Blockbusters

Classic Summer Blockbusters
All the heat this Summer is making me nostalgic for that big summer blockbuster movie like when I was a small child or teenager going to the movies to see that big huge hit like Terminator 2 , War Games, Jaws 2, Superman 3, Rambo 3 or Jurassic Park. 

Of course some of those movies I saw later on Beta or VHS. 

One of the things I'm doing this Summer is catching up on all my favorite all time Summer Blockbuster Movies. 

You can get a list on some webpages but they have crappy pages and show the list one movie per html page at a time, making you scroll through the list which forces you to look at all the ads, those pages suck.

When you go to the page you have to load all the ads and then click through the picture viewer at the top of the page to see the list, like on this page:

There's nothing like the nice hot weather and watching a huge list of Summer Blockbusters, that really brings me back to my childhood.


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