Monday, July 1, 2019

Summer Metal Festivals 2019

I just started following all the Summer Metal Festivals on my music pages and just barely got the Hellfest 2019 clips posted which is where I started.

I managed to catch most of the Full Force Festival live stream replays and watched some of the actual live stream on YouTube. 

Right now my pages are being updated and some of the links might not be working because I am changing the page, I am assuming that will fix itself when all the links gets updated on the web server maybe a few days. 

It was nice to see almost a full live Metal Fest on internet is my review of Full Force Fest 2019 live stream coverage. Not all the bands were on the live stream I think, I didn't see them anyway, then they uploaded official clips of that later.

If you want to see the bands not in the live stream that was uploaded by fans who made videos of the show on their Smartphones or Cameras I assume. There was some good bands on the full force live stream like Arch Enemy, Sick Of It All and Napalm Death. 

There are a bunch of bands on the opening stages...this is who I noticed:

Any Given Day, Polaris, Bear Tooth, Bad Omens, Harm's Way and Ignite.

I posted all the videos on my Twitter:

Listen to those bands if you want to hear what is new that is coming out in Heavy Metal. Those are the bands they are promoting on the Summer Concert Tours.

That is the whole review, next week I will be covering Resurrection Fest.


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