Wednesday, July 17, 2019

UNITED STATES: Treason Charges Loom As False Impeachment Forms Accepted By Congress **UPDATED**

Treason Charges Loom As The President Faces False Impeachment Forms 


Treason Charges Loom In The United States Against Democratic Party As Congress Accepts Fake Impeachment Forms

July 17, 2019 - Jason MacKenzie - 

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Amidst the unresolved scandal of a phony lawsuit filed against President Trump by United States Defense Contractors over the United States Border Wall Construction at the Mexico Border on behalf of Defense Contractors claiming to own several states and military bases in the United States including California and White Sands Military Base the Defense Contractors are back and have filed fake impeachment charges against the President.

The previous lawsuit has never been resolved as Private Military Defense Contractors are claiming that the border wall fund is draining money from their "private economy" of Military Staff in several high profile Military Bases. 

These "defense contractors" are claiming to own several states and have now filed false "articles of impeachment" forms against the President (for real) from their fake section of the United States and are claiming that they own Native American Indian Reservations on their private land in states like California.

These "forms" which are not allowed to be processed by the United States Government have been accepted into debate into the United States Congress.

The claim comes from American Indian Reservations who have launched an attack on President Abraham Lincoln's victory in the United States Civil War to remove the victory by the North in the Civil War to return the land in California to Private Military Defense Contractors representing the South and the Mexican Border who have also falsely sued the President claiming they privately own the United States Military Budget.

What the lawsuit and impeachment articles are saying by them being accepted into the Congress for Debate is that the Military Defense Contractors have severed several US States and own the Mexican border in the South in Private Hands (for real).

Obviously, this is open treason in the United States and the sentence is the Death Penalty. 

The private defense contractors are asking the United States Senate for an open debate claiming to own parts of the United States in private hands right in the face of the public and asking American Citizens for official recognition in the Government which has been refused by United States Citizens who have demanded them to be executed for treason. 

The attack on the United States from within sections of the Military under private defense contractors is being led by Rep. Al Green who appears to be Native American or of similar descent.

Al Green of the Democratic Party is claiming that the Southern States and the Mexican Border are privately held by defense contractors and that it is impeachment to make a racial statement on Twitter by the President in the South.

I did not bother to look up the actual supposed racial tweet by the President but there is no proof that the tweet was even made by the President himself or if it was fake, also compromised Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter are not admissible evidence in Presidential Hearings or Congressional Debates yet however they have been accepted into debate in the United States Congress aka...Treason in the Open in the United States by the Democratic Party under Al Green and Private Defense Contractors.

Their attempt is to remove the Victory of Abraham Lincoln in the United States Civil War so that the Southern States can be given to Private Defense Contractors, they are claiming that in the Southern States that their private laws are so strict there that the President is not allowed to make a tweet considered to be racist, even with no evidence that it is or that he made it, or he will be impeached in a hearing from outside the United States Constitution in Public which is what they are claiming.

You can read the phony form here which is only three paragraphs:

In the form they even quote Gettysburg while attempting to remove the victory by Lincoln in an outright insult to a free country like the United States.

More to follow.


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