Wednesday, July 31, 2019

YouTube Errors

Here is another YouTube error, I'm just sitting here analyzing their web code to optimize my business performance. Like, I wanna see if everything I'm doing runs properly on it so I can reduce errors on my webpage and stuff. 

This is just stuff I'm finding when I'm doing all that.

Here is the error, you watch a YouTube video on a magazine webpage as an imbedded link. Then if you wait unto near the end of the clip and then press the "watch on YouTube" button it flips to YouTube in a new browser window. Then it starts playing at the end of the video on YouTube, then it gets stuck and starts showing an advertisement at the end of the clip and automatically starts playing the next clip. Then you can't push the back button and you have to reload the page.

I mean when you resume the video on YouTube from a magazine page at the end of the clip you can't go back and start over, then it autoloads an advertisement and plays the next video. 

That's a really shitty error man, can't you get some good workflows going or what? 


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