Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pet Peeves On The Internet

Browser Tab Detach - The mouse sticks and auto pulls the tab windows off and then sometimes the screen sticks when the page reloads. Tab detach can not be turned off on the browser and is a permanent feature.

Some browsers like Firefox have a plugin to turn off tab detach which slows down the pc....that means that tab detach slows down the pc by making the browser windows stick. The pc would work better if tab detach was auto turned off and then had to be enabled, or installed as a plugin to enable tab detach for people who want it.

I don't, I hate auto tab detach because it interrupts you if you work a lot using tabs and browser windows.

YouTube video resume - The YouTube video player has no stop button only pause then if you watch part of a video then go back it starts playing at the spot you left off. Then there is no stop button.

If you drag the time scroll button back to the start of the video to play it from the beginning and then reload the page the video starts playing at the old time index not at the start of the video.

So you can't start the video from the beginning and then reload the page because it will return to the middle of the video clip and then you have to manually move the time scroll button again back to the start of the video.

Mix those two features together and it drives you nuts, the tab keeps detaching itself on the YouTube screen and keeps playing the video in the middle when you try and reload the page, plus all that slows down the pc.

Those features on the internet are BACKWARDS , they need to include the stop button on YouTube to restart the video and then be able to refresh the screen, then they need to disable auto tab detach so that your browser tabs don't auto detach when the screen sticks, all that garbage on there also causes your computer to freeze and stick.

Get a job or something, making that useless crap for the internet is a waste of peoples time.


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