Friday, August 23, 2019

Housing And Rental Scam In Canada

Rental / Mortgage Scams In Nova Scotia & Alberta
All you people working in these Government Offices and Collection Agencies bothering me for my credit payments and stuff are on planet Mars in your head if you think I'm not taking you to court over it because anyone one would, you're going to find out that I am not the helpless victim your are claiming in your rental scams against my Apartments that I have lived in and my debts. Now I am turning the file into the Nova Scotia Prosecution Services next week through my Civil Court Case for investigation.

This scam is targeting Disability Patients, Syrian Immigrants and the religious community that is specifically targeting the Jehovah's Witness Church in mortgage and rental collection scams.

I was fortunate enough to talk to members of the Jehovah's Witness Church yesterday when I went to file my counter claim in my credit dispute who were hand out flyers at Alderney Landing at the Community Services Offices on Thursday mornings.

I was told by them that the same thing that happened in my case that I am suing The Government of Nova Scotia over right now has happened to members of the Jehovah's Witness Church as well and Syrian Immigrants in Alberta under the UCP Leadership. 

My claim is that their political parties do not have all their Government Office paper work properly filed and that scammers are using these means to exploit tenants under the Tenancy Board and evict them from their homes illegally, seize their houses in illegal bank forclosures and force them into making double payments to rent and debt collectors.  

As I told the Jehovah's Witness members yesterday is that people like that will have no problem with me suing them in the Civil Courts if that's what their public behavior is. I looked into the Jehovah's Witness which is a strict religious organization and how take that is that they are "The Witnesses To Jesus" and their church has a stronger connection because they have actually witnessed the power of Jesus.

I will be supporting the Jehovah's Witness Church and Syrian Immigrants in my case against the Nova Scotia Government which has already been filed for Civil Court litigation through Legal Aid to get started. That means I am using their cases as precedents against groups like Access Nova Scotia and the UCP in the Supreme Civil Courts of Nova Scotia right now until the matters are resolved.

What is the housing and payment scam?

The scam that is happening is during bank foreclosures of rental properties, lease and rent to own arrangements under Access Nova Scotia and The UCP third party groups are taking up debt collection for the bank and collecting on payments from a bankrupt business.

These "collection agencies" are then trying to say that their monthly rental payments on their mortgage are not valid and because they have a back credit debt.

What they mean is the third party debt collector is trying to say that their credit card balance or mortgage balance is past due, meaning the amount owning your credit card which is a total lie.

Then when you make your monthly payment they are not honoring it as a mortgage payment and trying to apply it to your credit balance and then they are saying you didn't pay your rent this month.

They are doing that probably to gain commissions on extra payments on your debts to their collection agency. 

In other cases they are trying to steal people homes and apartments by wrongfully evicting them with fake Provincial Litigation under Access Nova and the UCP.

The actual scam is this, the debt collectors know that there is no appeal in the offices at Access Nova Scotia for improper form filings and then they want you to agree to mediate the debt with their collector when you don't owe anything under Access Nova Scotia Rules.

Then in the mediation hearing they try and find out how much money you have and force you to give extra money to the collection agencies for commissions from retrieving the money for the Bank, by strong arming you into a fake negotiation for debt collection which is illegal.

That is what happened in my case and I counter claimed them with those facts and I am having the matter differed to the Civil Courts for resolution because that is illegal at Access Nova Scotia then I am handing in my information to the Civil Court Lawyer for the Provincial Prosecution next week to investigate the matter.

In Alberta it was a private rent to own scam under the UCP probably and their procedures in that case the land lord went bankrupt.

Under UCP and Access Nova Scotia rules the collection agency could have been representing the original landlord and trying to steal the house back saying the land lord was bankrupt and the they were repossessing the house. 

After this, the collection agency could have given the landlord the house back in a separate deal with no Provincial Legislation under the UCP and him and the Collection Agency would have sole the Syrian Immigrants rent payments and stole the house back with no litigation.  

I don't know if that's what happened but that's what scammers are able to do under their laws.

Then they count on the fact that people can't afford to fight them in court and try and get them to back off and abandon the debt because they can't fight them in court or force them into extra rental payments illegally to stay in their homes.

That is what I am suing the Government of Nova Scotia over and it is in Court right now.


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