Monday, August 26, 2019

Small Lawsuit Update

I am in courts processes right now and trying to stop a hearing that has been filed against me but I have also received Civil Lawyers for the hearing if it progresses.

I have several people looking at my case and I am filing the Notice of Lawsuit against the Nova Scotia Government as soon as the pre screening of  my case is approved and whether or not they try and force the hearing against me.

I have to wait to see if they try and force the hearing or not, if they do I will have a lawyer present for the hearing to correct them about the filings, then as soon as that is resolved and my filing fees clear and I suing them for a maximum settlement including extra damages for forcing the hearing.

Most of that will be resolved by Thursday and then I will be Civil Court for a settlement from the Nova Scotia Government, but I don't know what that will look like yet.


I'm so fucking sick of this man, then as soon as this case clears I'm suing Season Of Mist Records over plagarism for the Terrorizer album "Hordes of Zombies" and every fucking riff on it is copied off my records.

That may be as soon as October 15, 2019.


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