Friday, August 23, 2019

I Just Turned All Those People In To The Federal Government Right In Front Of The News

You people fucking listen to me...why do you think I'm not going to turn you in at Sobeys and Access Nova Scotia????

I just turned you all in by email to Justin Trudeau, The Federal Government, The United States Government, The Justice Department, CBC, Global, CTV, Euronews , Fox, CNN, CBS and I don't think I could find NBC's email.


You are in a housing and rental scam and harassing the fuck out of me from Sobeys and Nova Scotia Government Offices tampering with my files and fake court dates and shit.

Why are you saying I won't fucking do anything back to you!!!!

I just turned you all in the Canadian and United States Federal Government and Justice Departments RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS.

Do you get that yet??????????????

You look, I don't to TV News because I'm in a Death Metal Band and I'm internet only.



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