Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New Court Case Update

So I'm in court right now and hearings scheduled but I may have had them pushed back in order to have more time to file my counterclaims and get my evidence together etc.

Basically it's like they filed a fake case against me in court and none of it was true, well I was all over Halifax today running around to places people sent me and I've been referred to Civil Court Lawyers which will be getting going next week and I got the forms and information to file my counter claim which looks like it will push back my hearing to a later date.

When the hearings get pushed back from the Nova Scotia Government against me that's when I am suing the Nova Scotia Government and then going to try and have their case thrown out.

I don't know what the financial damages are that I would receive for being the victim of a fake court case from the Nova Scotia Government and I will have to wait until next week to get started on that.

I can't see the Nova Scotia Government trying to defend my lawsuit because they have no chance of winning so I am hoping for a quick settlement or default to automatically reward me my settlement money.

I am filing the actual lawsuit as soon as possible next week if the lawyers are ready or hopefully not too long after that. Plus it looks like all my legal fees got paid for in advance already.

Wish me luck because I hope that's a lot of money.


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