Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Titanic Disaster Revealed

Yeah, I wasn't that tired after all....I'll be in and out for a few days .

Look at this new video...also when will the Government start these crazy recovery projects here in Canada to salvage the Titanic?

Remember everyone, the Titanic sunk in Atlantic Canada and the Titanic Cemetery is here in Halifax.

The Canadian Government needs to launch a new crazy expedition with massive funding to save the remains of the Titanic for the Museum of The Atlantic on the Halifax Waterfront.

Since the Titanic sunk here it is our property because today it has no owner and I am officially claiming the remains of the Titanic as being owned by Atlantic Canada, under the actual Canada and that this ship has been abandoned by it's original owners 100 years ago.

One of my new crazy promises to the public is to raise the Titanic from the Ocean floor by cutting it into pieces and bringing it to the surface in a restoration project. That way we can save the remains of the Titanic before they are completely lost from sea erosion some day and then do a forensic examination of the ship to see what's in and under it.  

Taking the ships remains to Halifax, Nova Scotia would be the best option anyway since it is so close to use, plus Halifax was the original recovery team that picked up the survivors etc. when the ship sunk.

Rebuilding the Titanic on the Halifax waterfront in the Museum Of The Atlantic which will probably need new buildings to house the ship on the waterfront will be one of the largest tourist attractions in the world for Halifax with millions of visitors per year, this will generate massive amounts of local revenue and pay the expedition back in one minute.

I watched this video and it showed me new information about the Titanic revealing the cause of the ship buckling.

The cause was the ships rivets that popped and buckled the ship breaking it in half. In the first of the video they explain that the rivets for the Titanic were a new invention at the time and that it took like five people to place each individual rivet into the Titanic which was done by hand.

The hand made rivets done on the Titanic by teams of five men each was probably not strong enough to support the actual weight of the Titanic's' steel plating.

Meaning when the Titanic hit the ice burg in New Foundland  that it probably bent the ships steel plates and popped the hand made rivets which broke the ship in half and sunk it.

That would be my opinion after seeing the new information at the start of this video clip, remember the ship today is just garbage so I have claimed that for Halifax on my webpage and now we can begin to salvage the ship and store it in the Halifax Museum of the Atlantic.

Knowing that the cause of the disaster was probably the hand made rivets popping after the ice burg impact maybe a modern forensic team can very that with todays technology, also they may be able to go to the ocean floor and then manually pop the rivets to take the ship apart and recover it and then later reassemble the rivets inside at the Museum of the Atlantic when they are finished, this would be one of the worlds largest tourist attractions here in Halifax.

Right so that's a little big duh, but they could break it down into pieces and let you walk through a museum to see it "resembled" in one room at a time section by section or whatever they could fit inside.


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