Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Random Thoughts For This Morning

I just noticed that Megadeth bassist David Elfson has relaunched Combat Records to put his album out and also sign other bands, right now it's other artists that were in Megadeth. That's similar to what I have done relaunching Banzai Records, Combat Records used to be on Banzai Records in Canada and was Megadeth's old label.

Court stuff...It's just great to have my last two weeks and labour day weekend ruined by court stuff having to run around filing forms and getting lawyers and stuff. I have to meet with lawyers this this morning for my case.

Anyway this case looks even worse than I originally thought and I am handing it over for further investigation.

I am not someone who goes to court hearings without all the right paperwork done, plus they can't win my lawsuit against them, I'm going to ask for a decent settlement and see what they say.

It's like this though, they tried to use a real summons with false information on it to collect money from me. So what that means is they tried to hold me in a fake court hearing at Access Nova Scotia and get me to sign real documents.

No way would I ever do that.

I'm saying that they tried to lead me into a situation where they were going to lie to me about the laws and then get me to sign a real document for them that they wanted me to sign. After that right they'll start harassing you all the time thinking they can lead you around with false court documents getting you to sign stuff fort them, no fucking way man.

Then like this...why did they try and get me in a real hearing to sign a document with a fake summons anyway?

That's what I've been working on in my case this week, my only conclusion is that it is some kind of fraud. So I am suing them for fraud amongst other damages.

What I mean is, are they doing that to cover up for something else?

I am thinking that maybe they are in shit with a bunch of other stuff at Access Nova Scotia and then they are trying to get me to sign a written document in real hearing with false information to get my payment arrangements in writing to cover for something else they did.

I mean maybe they did something else and are doing that to me to get out of it. Like maybe they fucked something else up and then need me to wrongfully sign a paper to get out of it, by trying to trick me into signing it.

Then I thought what would that be?

I got to thinking that maybe they can't meet the terms of their Government contract for bill collecting and they are falling behind on their work and potentially committing some of fraud, then they are telling the Government they have all the work done but can't do it, then are lying to keep the contract.

Like floor waxing or something, like they may have got something like a floor waxing contract but can't finish and then are trying to fake getting the work done to keep their jobs, plus they are stealing floor wax or something.

So maybe they can't meet their contract for debt collection and are faking their work so they don't get fired from the Nova Scotia government, then they did something else I don't know about and then need to hold me in a hearing to sign a fake document because they are lying and if they get that it will help them say they are getting the work done and keep their contract.

Anyway, I am telling the lawyers all that this morning and we'll see what they say.


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