Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Lawsuit Stuff Keeping Me Up All Night

So anyway, I'm busy with Court stuff this week so I'm away from music but there's no important updates anyway.

Yeah, so I'm up all day and night completing my court forms that I have been swamped with from the Nova Scotia Government  in a Civil Court Case coming from Five Star Bailiff and Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive Dartmouth for Civil Debt Collection for the Nova Scotia Government.

So I've filed this new post under "I'm up all night for court hearings because it's the middle of the night and I have to leave again at 7am getting my legal forms ready for tomorrow" category.

I slept from like 5pm - 11pm last night though so I am not that tired.

I mean it must be nice to be Access Nova Scotia and Five Star Bailiff to just file the wrong forms and serve you a court notice with four days notice to file a counter claim for debts I don't owe.

I mean after all I did get to find out on their printed sheet that I am allowed to file a counter claim to sue Five Star Bailiff because there is no appeal of Court Forms for a wrongly filed Court Summons at Access Nova Scotia.

Like that means for them over there that if they file a claim action against you with the Private Court Bailiff who is also the Plaintiff in the case for debt collection, I mean the Bailiff is not only serving the notices he also runs the debt collection for Access Nova Scotia, that you are not allowed to appeal the Summons if the check boxes are filled out wrong by the Court on your summons.

What that means is that for them they told me that I have to go to court anyway with a summons even if the claim against me wasn't actually mine with all the wrong information on it.

So I had to defend that in Court anyway by myself with four days notice. 

At least I still get the opportunity to appeal the Bailiffs Court case against me is what it says on their summons by filing a counter claim.

Not that four days is the standard time to prepare a counter claim against the Bailiff and Access Nova Scotia that's just the amount of time they gave me to do it. 

Anyway, all that will be resolved later in Civil Court during my lawsuit when it gets there in a few minutes. I mean getting sued in a fraudulent case against you that is not even your file in the Nova Scotia Courts from the Nova Scotia Government creates a large amount of paper work that you get swamped with.

I mean I don't even have a lawyer reviewing the case with me yet and I've spent four days preparing my defence for their four day filing deadlines, which I have completed by the way,  because I wasn't allowed to appeal that the case against me was not correct and I have been served with fake information on the summons.  

The good thing is though after I did my legal research on the case against me from the Nova Scotia Government I found that in their documents that I was allowed to counter claim the summons which is what I am doing today. 

So I have to file the counter claim which involved a lengthy deal of paper work that I have just completed at like 1am this morning to meet their filing deadlines.

Then of course there is the Court Filing Fees which I had had to verify with them on two separate days this week to find out what they are asking for. Thankfully, I went back yesterday in advance to see if my form of payment which is a form of "legal aid" documentation was good enough to cover the filing fees to file my counter claim today being submitted today as the defendant.

It wasn't. I was told by Access Nova Scotia that they could not accept my form of Court Payment for legal aid because my statement was 90 days old. 

They said I needed one from today with the current date on it to show that I in fact DID meet the criteria for legal aid to cover my filing fee and that I had to go back and get a new printed confirmation from them that was signed and dated in "official" format so that they would be able to guarantee at Access Nova Scotia that I indeed did qualify to have my appeal form paid for by legal aid.

That is what I am doing this morning, I have to go out and find a document that proves that the fees are paid for by legal aid or they will not accept my counter claim against Five Star Bailiff at Access Nova Scotia.

So I have my whole day planned around that. Hopefully this magical document will actually surface and that I will be able to file the legal aid filing fee by myself since I have yet to be given legal representation.

If not my counter claim against Five Star Bailiff will be rejected until I can meet their strict conditions to allow my appeal of their case at the Nova Scotia Government.

In the meantime I will have to find the proper payment forms so that my counter claim can be heard at my debt hearing next week the Nova Scotia Court Officer. 

I mean there is a lot of paper work involved when the Nova Scotia Government files a case against you for unpaid debts. I mean we're talking under $500 here people, with the paper work I got swamped with you would think that I owe them $100 Million Dollars, with all those strict deadlines and stuff. 

I mean on Sunday I was just sitting here working on a Heavy Metal Webpage for band promotion on the internet and since then I have had a large case dropped on me from the Nova Scotia Government that I have to defend in Civil Court for Debt Collection with like 10 boxes of paper work I had to start filing for from the Nova Scotia Supreme Court records to properly defend my case in Civil Court which will take quite a while. 

In the meantime I will have to act as my own lawyer and try and back this lawsuit from the Nova Scotia Government against me off for a couple weeks until I can get a paid civil court lawyer to take over then I am suing the Nova Scotia Government for forcing me to litigate this case against them in the civil courts by myself with no deadlines. 

In fact in the case I even had to represent the legal aid/community services itself as an outside lawyer to help them properly cover their court costs from the lawsuit they are defending from Access Nova Scotia.

In the case Five Star Bailiff is billing me for their court filing fee which I am billing back to them in my counter suit plus my filing fees which are covered by legal aid but Access Nova Scotia has not approved the payment yet.

So in fact I had to represent the Legal Aid itself as their lawyer in my counter suit against Five Star Bailiff and file a claim on their behalf against Five Star Bailiff for them to pay my court fees that they covered.

Meaning, when the "Legal Aid" pays my  filing fees I billed them back to Five Star Bailiff for repayment to the Legal Aid for when they lose my appeal.

What I am saying in the case to Access Nova Scotia is that when Five Star Bailiff loses my appeal they will have to pay back the legal aid for the filing fees they used to cover my case. 

So I am making Five Star Bailiff pay back the legal aid for my filing fee on their behalf, in my counter claim.

I mean it's a lot of paperwork when the Nova Scotia Government files a case against you wrongfully and I had to "step in" on several issues and represent the Legal Aid to the case against them over my filing fees and stuff and file a counter claim on their behalf for Five Star Bailiff to pay back the filing fees to them when they lose my appeal.

Thankfully I am a skilled Lawyer and had all this covered.

So anyway, I am heading back down today to try and meet the Nova Scotia Government's Court filing deadlines by having my court fee payments covered by getting the proper signed documents for Access Nova Scotia Legal Aid which will not be available to me until next week.

In the meantime I have to handle this myself through self representation with no Lawyer and also cover the claims for the legal aid on their behalf since they are not here yet to take over this Civil Court matter and stop the hearings against me and file my counter suit in the Civil Court.

Don't worry though I have all this covered myself in the meantime, plus I'll make sure to cover the legal aids end on their behalf in my counter suit to back off the Nova Scotia Government away from me until the Civil Courts can get this lawsuit I have been hit with under control hopefully sometime next week before my hearing date.


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