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David Cone Doesn't Like The New MLB Rules

Yankee Broadcasting Legend David Cone
I'm telling all you baseball fans that the New York Yankees Broadcast team on the YES Network, which is the New York Yankees own television station, is probably one of the best in baseball. Of course I am a Yankees fan so I will like it anyway but I'm saying though that they are still a top team.

The broadcast team to me is centered around Paul O'Neill and David Cone, to me anyway, since they are from the big Yankees Team from around 1996-2001 when Derek Jeter first broke into the MLB. Games today are easily available to watch on different packages so you can see the Yankees every day, back then from Canada you had to watch on pirated satellite dish to see the YES Network and all the Yankees games.

Everyone had one where I live anyway so they were all readily available back then, then everyone had to switch to Dish Network after DirectTV went out during the big "Black Sunday" event when DirectTV killed their hacked "football" cards during the Superbowl.

That also killed the pirate feed of the YES Network in Canada although you could still see most Yankees games in Canada on the Fox Sports Package on Dish Network but you had to watch the visiting teams coverage.

During that time I watched a lot of Baseball on that old stream that pretty well everyone in Canada had anyway. My point here is that I have been watching baseball for a long time, that's when Paul O'Neill and David Cone were playing.

Today, MLB is easily available and it's way better to just pay for the package and not worry about it then you get every game plus replays on

Today they are probably the best broadcast team in Baseball, to me anyway being a Yankees fan.

Now when I hear them talking I better be getting the name right because they keep saying stuff like facts and things but I'm pretty sure it's David Cone talking. Every time a big fact comes up I think it's David Cone saying it.

People ask me, why am I a fan of the New York Yankees anyway? Well the answer is this, they are the best team in Baseball that's why am a fan of them. 

Plus living in Nova Scotia New York is just as close as Toronto to me geographically so I liked to watch the New York television feeds growing up since it seems to be a closer City to me so that is more of an influence on me than Toronto. 

Living in Halifax New York City is was more prominent than Toronto so you get wrapped up in the "New York Scene" over something up here like Toronto which is too far away and not on the East Coast like Halifax.

So that's why I like New York.

So yeah, David Cone doesn't like the new rules in baseball. Well that's probably because it's a new competitive league now and the Yankees are on the losing end of the deal for the rest of the Summer. Those "dog days of  summer" in MLB baseball David Cone is calling them on the Yankees broadcast are just hurting him bad because the rules didn't go in his favor, I mean he would probably love them if it was his team winning off them. 

What would David Cone know about baseball anyway? Five time all star, Five World Series Championships, Al Cy Young Award, MLB Wins Leader 1998, two time strike out leader, pitched a perfect game on July 18, 1999 twenty years ago this Summer which was honored at the ball park this season. 

I love the new rules in baseball so why would David Cone be on there complaining about them? Well that's because they're not going in his favor the rest of this Summer because of the new competitive rules in baseball.

So they are only in First Place in the AL East and Second Place overall close behind the LA Dodgers who are in first place the last time I checked so what would the issue be? 

As a pitcher David Cone is concerned about the Yankees having to resort to a minor league Catcher late in the Season and the Playoffs since they are using their backup catcher right now. What he is telling everyone is that if the backup catcher also gets injured they will have to use call ups from the minor leagues to replace the catching position for the rest of the Season and the playoffs, which will weaken their team.

Personally, I just think that David Cone doesn't like the competition...again that better be David Cone saying that so if not it's Paul O'Neill and them so it's the same thing. 

What I mean is, and David Cone does have a valid point about the new rules, he just doesn't like the competition, not me I love it. 

What he means is the after the MLB Trade Deadline of July 31st you are NOT ALLOWED to add new players for the August and September lineups through trades if both your position players like the Catcher Position get injured.

There is talk however of extending the trade dead line by two weeks to August 15th. 

If that happened the team would have to use Minor League Call Ups to fill the spots for the last two months in the Season. 

That is a new rule, in the past they could make a trade heading into the end of Summer if it looked like the team had a chance to make the playoffs.

Not anymore though, that has to be nailed down now by July 31st making the MLB a more competitive sport now. That's what David Cone is complaining about, it's too competitive now. 

This is why I love the new MLB rules, that "scenario" Cone is describing if it came true that gives the opportunity for a new star to step into the game from their farm system and become the next Derek Jeter right out of the Minor Leagues heading into the Post Season.

This new rule will open up the minor league system better to get players into the game from the minors to actually get a chance on the real field in a big situation instead of just having a "trade" with another team to help for a playoff drive.

Young players will know that there is a better chance of being called up to the majors because of the new trade deadline rules and will be working harder to make it because of these new opportunities.

Come on David Cone, give those new players a chance in there.

That's why I love the new rules, that gives some kid the chance to just step right into the majors and just own everyone on the field during the playoffs. That's only the biggest thing that could even happen in sports, and could launch new Superstars like the next Ken Griffey Jr. or someone.

I'm telling you David Cone knows everything about Baseball but you have to watch the Yankees home games to hear it during the game, that's where the MLB Dirt is at. The Paul O'Neill / David Cone broadcast team.  

David Cone and them all on there complaining about the new trade deadline when they are the top team in the Division and second over all. 

Come off it, this gives the Yankees a chance to develop their farm system and minor league teams and makes them more valuable because of the protentional of being called up in the "Cone Scenario" I am calling it. 

David Cone is just worried about not being able to replace his catcher with a new big star before the big playoff drive in August. 

Also of note, is Derek Jeter's Marlins are reported to have one of the top farm systems in baseball already - no surprise there as Derek Jeter is already focusing on bringing up new baseball talent instead of relying on the "Cone Scenario" like many other major league teams including the Atlanta Braves probably, looking for that big trade just before September. 

No all you guys, the game is more competitive now so you're going to have to adjust to the new rules. Maybe all you players in there should be being more careful and concentrating better with more focus so you don't get hurt in August with all those kids in the minors waiting for you to slip up and get hurt so they can take your place in the MLB Playoffs.

This only adds to the suspense of Major League Baseball, making it a more competitive August and September and puts more meaning into the games starting August 1st, almost like the Playoffs actually start on August 1st now because the teams have to tighten up, prevent injuries and be a more cautious team without losing their edge.

I get David Cone's point though, that could hurt your team bad in August. Not for me though, I like the new competition and seeing kids get a chance to get their big break in baseball at the end of the season with more chances of being called up. 

I'm telling you, fans and kids playing will love the new rules coming up in baseball.

Yankees vs Red Sox Double Header today!


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