Thursday, August 22, 2019

Everything Is Going Good In My Civil Court Lawsuit Against The Nova Scotia Government

I just got back from my filings and stuff and everything went ok and they paid all the fees etc.  I got my counter claim filed against the Nova Scotia Government and Five Star Bailiff. So Five Star Bailiff is the smaller defendant in my case and only reports to the Nova Scotia Government at Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive Dartmouth, anyway they are ones drag racing around Halifax debt collecting so I'm sure they can handle the lawsuit.

Then I just have to call to check my forms tomorrow to make sure it went in properly. 

The larger one is the Nova Scotia Government and if my civil rights hadn't been violated by them by forcing me to litigate my case against them in Civil Court then Five Star Bailiff would have had the chance to correct their forms and not be sued.

Either way it's the Nova Scotia Governments fault so I have to sue all parties because people working there could be at both business so the court will have to determine what the liability is at Five Star like they might be only partially responsible or not at all we'll have to wait and see.

The big one is the Nova Scotia Government which I now have in Civil Court in Halifax as a defendant with a counter claim and my legal fees have been paid.

This allows me to slow down now and subpoena Access Nova Scotia staff to see if this case was coming from people in my case against Sobeys because it came form a Government Office on a Sobeys Plaza at Baker Drive but I don't know if they own all the properties.

If I catch Sobeys running a disconnected branch of the Government down there on Baker Drive, because it was the same methods as before, I am going to fucking rail them in court.

If I catch them at Sobeys form my other case in this one at the Nova Scotia Government tampering with my files and shit I am suing them all from my other case and the Federal Government for millions of dollars.

That will all be later for now it is slow to start for a smaller settlement but this puts me in the lawsuit Civil Court to get started and there are lot of connections to my other case against Sobeys that will be also dealt with through this one.

I am going to bed now for like three days because I have been up since Monday morning working on this, then I have to talk to the Civil Court lawyer early next week about the case. I may be back on here blogging this weekend but I'm not sure but I will be next week.



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