Friday, August 23, 2019

I Am Starting My Own Political Party

Official Nazi Party Banner Designed By Me 
I have decided that since the Nova Scotia Government has sued me in a fraudulent case and wrapped me up in Supreme Court Litigations that this would be a good time to start my own Political Party.

I have decided that I am going to call my party the Nazi Party, this is not a hate group, neo-Nazi group of any kind.

The Nazi Party I am staring is the Official Nazi Party from Adolf Hitler, members of my Nazi Party will get a Nazi Party Newsletter and stickers for signing up. 

I just want to be clear that this is not a hate group and I am just doing that as a protest to fix Canada's laws and show you're allowed saying that in Canada.

Right now I am the only member of the Official Nazi Party and also the Leader of the Nazi Party. This will help push my Nazi Political Platform through Canada's Courts to correct their laws.

The Official Opposition to The Official Nazi Party based in Halifax is the UCP and Access Nova Scotia.

I have no website setup for that yet but I just want to be clear that the page is not a hate page, I may even inform Elections Canada about the webpage.

Right now the Official Nazi Party is not running candidates but is being setup as a Political Support Group to help fix Canada's laws since I am involved in lawsuits against the Nova Scotia Government.

When I make an Official Page for my Nazi Party it will just be information about what I am doing an maybe some polls to see if people are interested in backing my Political Group. 

Then you will be able to sign up and receive a free newsletter until we have enough members to launch an official party. The Official Nazi Party is not running official candidates but we will back any of our members running for office representing the Nazi Party.

The Official Nazi Party is going to need about 500 members to get started as listed on the Election Canada Page, I am running the Political Party and other people would have to be candidates as I only manage the Office of the Official Nazi Party and run their material.


When I setup the webpage for the Official Nazi Party site I am using a Free Speech Web Host for the page so that my pages will not be tampered with on a webhost that allows controversial material and I may allow a Message Board on the page.

A second goal of the Nazi Party will be to help clear the name of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany regarding issues I have raised on this blog. I will also post on the page Historical Information about the Nazi Party and relate that to where we stand today.

We will also be promoting the Reconstructed Reichstag for the Nazi Fourth Reich in Germany under my Leadership here in Canada in The Official Nazi Party.

View this page for information on starting a Political Party:


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