Saturday, August 3, 2019

Scientists Of Today Try To Prove Einstien Wrong

Take a look at this article, scientists are claiming to be trying to prove Albert Einstein wrong. Here is the point, they don't understand Einstein's work. If they did then they wouldn't be making these crazy statements. 

What that means is that all their research is wrong, in the article they have their "thesis" posted in the first paragraph. Their thesis is wrong, meaning they don't understand Albert Einstein. 

Albert Einstein can explain a lot, but maybe not black holes. Scientists believe that within the inky depths of these massive celestial objects, the laws of the universe fold in on themselves, and the elegant model of gravity laid out in Einstein's general theory of relativity breaks down.

The research paper is about black holes, the scientists are claiming that The Theory Of Relativity developed by Albert Einstein does not apply to black holes. Just making that statement shows they don't understand Einstein.

They are trying to say in their thesis that black holes exist outside the laws of physics and that this breaks down in a black hole with it's massive forces.

How they are interpreting Einstein is that his theory is a "specific calculation" used for a basic purpose, like for example how to calculate the "Area of a Square" meaning the space inside a square area like in basic High School Math books.

Then they are saying that if you put a square in a black hole the formula no longer applies because it's a different set of physics. That is with a specific formula for calculating the inside a square only.

The article refers to Einstein's work as "specific calculations" like calculating area, mass, perimeter or volume. 

That is not correct.

Einstein's work is a "General Theory" not a specific theory and includes obvious topics like black holes. That it is because it is a "general theory" not specific like simple calculations for area or perimeter. 

Not only that even if the formulas for area, mass, perimeter and volume were put into a black hole they will still apply to the Theory Of Relativity developed by Einstein but would only be crushed faster as the forces are much greater on objects in a black hole.

This may sound confusing at first but it is extremely simple. 

Like this, The Theory Of Relativity is a GENERAL THORY meaning it applies in ANY CONDITIONS as a basic requirement of the "laws of physics" they call it.

The equation is E=MC2 , which is all the same principle.

That formula is a calculation for how much energy is released during an explosion, like with a Nuclear Bomb. 

That is a general theory not specific, meaning that the values of the size of the explosion change based on changing the values of the source of the explosion like Uranium versus Plutonium. 

They are calculating "energy released"....that is not a specific formula like perimeter or area because the "explosion" is not charted by the size of it's perimeter or how much space it takes up.

Energy is charted by "Megatons" like in a Nuclear Explosion. That is a "general formula" meaning the explosion changes based on the material used for fuel. Not like determine the length of a perimeter around a square like in a High School math book.

In fact Einstein's General Theory of Relativity perfectly applies to Black Holes because it is about materials vs energy being released.

In a black hole all the Theory of Relativity means is that an object would only by destroyed faster with a larger explosion inside a black hole because the black hole contains more condensed pressure, stronger forces and stronger fuel.

In fact according to Einstein's theory Uranium would exploded FASTER and with a much GREATER EXPLOSION because the large forces on the Uranium would create a much larger explosion of the same materials because they would be squeezed together faster and stronger making a more concentrated explosion.  

A black hole would create an "impact of forces" much larger than could ever be achieved on Earth because of the pressures inside a black hole are so large.

I'm not saying that a black hole would only reinforce Einstein's Theory because it is exactly the same as it is on Earth.

That is because it is a "General Theory" that applies anywhere in the Universe, not specific to one scenario.

Meaning the Energy released by a Nuclear Explosion still applies in a black hole, Einstein only means it would be larger because of more pressures and forces much greater that inside a Nuclear Reactor or Particle Accelerator on Earth.

Therefore this article is totally wrong because they don't understand that The Theory of Relativity is a "General Theory" that applies anywhere and not "specific" to one background like they are claiming in their wild and ridiculous theories on the news.


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