Monday, November 22, 2021

Notes From My Book Research About The Old West, Thomas Edison & Alexander Graham Bell

I found some pretty suprising information in my research...I'm just going to tell the story with no citations just to give you the idea of what the research says.

My family, like I've been saying, worked on the rail road to the Old West and all that, then in the towns everybody ran businesses and stuff.

Like casinos, bars, brothels etc., black smith shops and all that.

I started researching that because people like the Old West Gunfighters would have been around the rail road, working on it and visiting the towns and stuff.

Then this....Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill the gunfighters were actual postman for the US Mail.

That means the Old West Gunfighters got started as mail carriers, that's how they learned to ride and knew all the locations from delivering the mail.

Then they would have visited my families business in the Old West, people who moved out there and also on the rail road.


It says, later in the 1800's Thomas Edison invented a talking doll with a tiny lp inside it with the dolls voice on it that failed in the market.

Then...Nikola Tesla went to work for Thomas Edison and fixed all his "dynamos" on some ship they made that he couldn't get working thus learning all of Thomas Edison Patents.

After this Thomas Edison ripped of Nikola Tesla for $50,000 after Tesla viewed his patents and made him new streamlined machines to replace his assembly.

Then Thomas Edison stuck him and started feud and wouldn't pay...Thomas Edison didn't have the money to pay Nikola Tesla for his lab upgrade.

Later, Nikola Tesla released all his stuff for free losing millions of dollars to make his electrical current today's model and sold the rest for six million dollars and later died homeless.

During all this in the same labs there was a fight over the invention of the telephone, one claiming to be coming from Italy or somewhere and the other from Alexander Graham Bell who shared a lab with the other guy.

The guy from Italy sent his patent for the telephone which was lost, then Alexander Graham Bell's was accepted giving him the credit for the invention.

Not only that part of the idea for the telephone...the earpiece might have come from Thomas Edison's failed talking doll which the other scientists used for the telephone.


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