Tuesday, November 23, 2021

UPDATE: The Hobo Story Is Getting Too Explicit

My Hobo story is getting too explicit...like this is turning into a huge novel or something....here is the legend.

The Hobos all found out about a grad student while down at the soup kitchen who was off on a cheque or something, then the caseworker was getting them to talk to them from home using Monday.com to help her with the files for the office from their degree since they couldn't work full time.

Then they were making them work for the case worker to get their cheque by letting the welfare office use their degree to help run the office through Monday.com while the grad student was home.

Like the grad living with the case worker at home to help them with the office since they didn't have big degrees to run the welfare office then the Canadian Government let the worker live with the grad at home to help the office through Monday.com to keep the welfare files and cheques working, like cheaper from the grad with the big degree that didn't work. 

After this the hobos got mad downtown because they wanted something, then they all camped out in the park by the welfare office downtown bumming off the workers and piling up cigarette butts because they wanted something, then all hanging around the pizza shops across the street on Portland Street.

Then the hobos started sneaking into the grads apartment complex and looked in the door and the case worker was moving into the grads grandmothers bed after she passed away....the grandmother used to look after kids years ago and used to help the welfare office.

That's the rumor...

Now the grad has more money now, and the case workers were coming down to the house looking for $20 and some food from the grad hanging around the house.

Then all the bums found out downtown and went into the welfare office after they were sitting across the road outside on the steps all day bumming and were asking them why they didn't want to come over to the pizza shop and come have a drink with them up in the mens boarding house and cheap apartments and their all down there now trying to get the case workers up their apartments while their on welfare bumming them and standing around outside every day looking for them.

Update...that's what their getting at, the bums, like drinking and stuff....they were all outside watching them all bumming all the time and that's what they saw etc., then they were concerned that the grad was taking the female case workers out drinking during Christmas and giving them $20 each and the grad had money for Jack Daniels and Vodka.

Like that's the party they were having, just drinking and smoking and stuff and going out at Christmas...but the bums can't afford the liqour they were drinking then the workers still needed to get $20 for coffee and smokes and stuff when they were leaving and the hobos didn't get anything and they were standing around watching them all day scared they were gonna go out drinking or something. 


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