Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Diary Update: Metal People That Grossed Me Out

I have to say this man because it made me throw up so bad man.

So a while back I said I had to take off and I'm heading back to where I used to do dancing and stuff but still here in Halifax...so I had to adjust all my budgets and stuff for my living arrangements, so I got going doing that man and this is what happened.

Like when I get back to dancing and drama stuff I could make some money or something with my degrees and stuff setting up a play or something in New York and get a piece of the box office...like regular mainstream money.

Those are my options but it's like I gotta live down in Queens on a cheaper budget to pull it off...so I can save money to run the play and stuff.

Then them fucking other bands man...and them bums man...sick.

Imagine somewhere in between death metal bands that don't tour and and a big act like Iron Maiden...that's where this takes place at.

So none of the metal guys wanted to come back to New York with me and meet the people from the play and stuff and regular women.

They meant that they "didn't want to take their jacket off" to have a regular kitchen in their forties and their girlfriend was a "hippie" or something and had some garden out in the yard and the guy never took his leather jacket off.

Meaning, when I was moving to buy a new house or something at the office like for a huge Record Label or Grocery Company or something none of the band guys, like lead guitar players and stuff, wanted to come back and play for the girls at the office.

Like friends of mine from school or business or the label head office because they had to take their leather jacket off.

Then they stayed with the hippie vegetarian girl with no kitchen in the house, never taking their leather jacket off into their forties and meeting a regular girl and buying a house or something normal.

That's what the girls said, none of the guitar players wanted to meet the regular girls from the office or university and the band members didn't want to show them the guitar or play for them because they met those hippie girls down at the concerts twenty years ago and they stayed with them and never took off their leather jacket.

Now their all down there printing cassette tapes, being hippies and never taking their leather jackets off.

So I'm on my way back to what I do now after I got my degrees and then none of the music people wanted to be around the regular office stuff like for a big record label because their down there with their guitar amp and leather jacket with that hippie girl and didn't want to meet anyone because they had to take their coat off and sit at a regular kitchen table.

Then on Youtube people are making all these hood drive around videos and in the background is them guys neighborhoods that are making music videos on the other Youtube pages.

A bunch of that was people I knew over on the hood tape, then them metal guys were in the background making cassette tapes and all that but the black hood guys were the ones using getto blasters not the metal guys.

Then they made all these tour t-shirts up and it's some kind of "closed group" with the band members living with the fans and they all go to each other's concerts and din't want to meet anyone on a bigger label or company.

Then then fans and the bands won't talk to anyone like in a secret group or something and the fans with them there are the ones that broke into my house.

So they got this closed group in each city set up like that right and then they make tour shirts right but then when they travel their only playing for their friends in the other neighbourhood.

Like it's always just them there, and when they tour they just play for each other and the fans that live with them in the other neighborhoods in the different cities on the tour and don't talk to or support anyone outside and didn't want to get a regular house in their forties and meet regular women.

Then doing all that and living with some hippie girl with no kitchen, making cassette tapes and just playing with each other in different cities and making up tour shirts with no crowd there.

Not wanting to be on a bigger company or meeting regular women....like death metal lead guitar players I mean...didn't wanna play for a regular girl, because they had to come in the house and take their jacket off.

Then they got busted for child pornography, one of the black metal bands on Season Of Mist Records and the band kept playing and putting out albums.

That's the same label from my story in LA Weekly about the band that plagarized me.

Not only that they collect all these old rotten metal shirts that are like over thirty years old and look like cardboard and they are rotten, saying they are "collectable" and worth $200 each.

Then from the movie "Lords of Chaos" someone bought the old store location from the movie and went out and bought piles of these old thirty five year old music shirts and got them piled to the rafters in the store from the movie outside in real life making youtube videos on the internet showing everyone.

Gross me out, no fucking way...you people are fucked in the head, no one would ever play music with you. 


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