Tuesday, April 2, 2024

RE: Nova Scotia Pregnancy Medical Benefits

Are people flaming medical now or what?

In Nov Scotia women get a year off work and then they get "mother's allowance" or whatever they call it today.

People asked me about this, one thing is a background like mine the wife's share for her private medical runs a whole pregnancy medical clinic is some places.

Then when I was married with a better job and education, my "girlfriend' got to leave work after ninety days and then go on bedrest for six months...then you can do anything you want, but the point is it's more down time and then another year off for maternity leave.

Then she got a new cheque for that right away and then I worked, then she was home like seven out of ten years, so yes people say being pregnant is enough money to run a business but you don't get it all at once.

You can do things in many cases like stay home early, plus have extra money in the home...that's like two years off paid leave plus a monthly cheque per kid, but I mean the time it takes the women is in bed most the time etc., not running around time

People tell me that it's hard to get that coverage, but I mean it's pretty basic in a better off home from working around clinics and financial planning etc.


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