Sunday, May 31, 2020


Yeah, don't even ask me.

The government did nothing for anyone, don't even bother watching the news they just changed topics and didn't finish their stories or anything and then just all started saying something else with nothing resolved.

They said that the covid virus was so weak that no one in Canada needed extra money for help on welfare and disability in every Canadian Province except British Columbia because of the Indians blocking the train tracks, then their welfare office gave them all an extra $300 a month they are saying and then $75 Million more to other Indians living off the reservation.

Then they blocked all the rest of cheque recipients in every other Canadian Province from receiving covid funding.

Then they let all their workers stay home and gave them $2000 a month with no work.

Then they gave all extra workers $400 a month to work during covid.

Then they gave old age pension and extra $500

Then they gave all parents with kids an extra $300 a month each.


Then they stopped... and said the virus wasn't bad so no one else in Canada needs any money because welfare and disability don't need extra money.

Well then why are you giving that money to them just said they don't need it because the virus isn't bad.

Their just lying on television man.

So you're sitting there right and the neighbor next to you just gets to stay home and not work and get $2000 a month CERB then his kids all get an extra $300 a month and the wife gets an extra $400 working, then the parents got an extra $500 for old age pension all in the same family.

Then they're all sitting outside eating pizza and barbecue with Justin Trudeau this summer with all that extra money right now this weekend apparently.

All while people on disability and welfare in all of the rest of Canada's Provinces sit in their yard next time them with no money for anything of that watching them eat pizza and shit for free while everyone else cries watching starving to death.

I didn't realize Welfare and Disability reciepients was a targeted group in Canada form hate criminals under Justin Trudeau.

I know who you are man, you're the people telling me to stay in my house with nothing while you all are out eating barbecue and pizza in the back yard next to me while I'm not invited with no money.

Well that's what you're saying to the public, I'm not covering any of that stuff from them ever again on this page, and I'm not looking at them for the rest of my life.

Listen fake government, no one's fucking doing that for you so you and your demographic can eat free barbecue all summer....die.


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