Thursday, December 13, 2018

Local Newspaper Hates Marijauna

Halifax Is The New Weed Capital
If you've even seen Halifax or as a regular here when you go outside you see those news paper boxes all over the place anyway they have a free paper called "The Coast". That's a pretty common mainstay around Halifax is to see "The Coast" everywhere, I was surprised to see that The Coast news paper is anti marijuana. 

I thought that "The Coast" was some kind of alternative news paper or some music magazine or something, apparently not. 

The short of this is that I hate "The Coast" newspaper and "Exclaim" magazine now anyway, I'm just sick of them. Plus, they only cover stupid articles and not real ones. 

Those papers aren't cool they are stupid and I hate them. 

I've never seen an article like this before and it's all written in code or something and you have to figure it out.

They're going on about The Prime Minster Justin Trudeau being a drug dealer and flying around on jets and stuff with bodyguards because they hate marijuana. 

Then they're on that article today going on about the smoking ban in Halifax, blaming Justin Trudeau because they can't smoke outside and saying that the Halifax City Council got burned by marijuana legalization.

I don't even know what they're talking about in that hissy fit on , pathetic. I'm only assuming that's it's because they can't smoke outside. 

I was assuming before that The Coast and Exclaim were indie / alternative but they are not and are just pricks. I won't take The Coast even if it is a free newspaper. 

On there complaining about the smoking ban and saying that it's Justin Trudeau's fault because they hate marijuana and are calling him a drug dealer. I thought all you people in Halifax were Liberal Party? I guess not, plus that's not even Conservative.

All in all a  terrible article, I don't even know if what I'm getting from that article is what is even in the content. 

Right, The Coast free newspaper hates Justin Trudeau and marijuana legalization, and are saying they hate the smoking ban and blaming marijuana users because they can't smoke cigarettes outside at The Coast newspaper. 

Fuck off. 

Then they go and say there have only been eleven complaints about people smoking outside of the smoking areas and the Halifax Police have not fined anyone for smoking during the smoking ban.

Well, I think that's great that the Police aren't enforcing the smoking ban by fining people, plus only eleven complaints. That's great people, I don't think anyone cares about the smoking ban anyway.

This has also been in other newspapers and I'm sure this unlawful practice will not last forever, they are testing the sewage treatment plants for THC in the urine to see how much marijuana Canadian Cities are smoking, gross. 

I mean if you wanna dig through the publics piss and shit to test it for marijuana that's your business, but I doubt that's legal. 

I don't give a fuck if they're all testing everyone's piss and shit at the sewage treatment plant, they sound like a bunch of perverts though. 

Here's the statistic they pulled out of the sewage treatment plant....

Halifax is the number one City in Canada for using marijuana. 

That's right we are #1 in Halifax for smoking the most weed in Canada! 

Really though, Halifax should be given an award for that. Of course that's "per capata" meaning that more people per group sample like 8/10 or something smoke marijuana, I didn't bother to look up the real number. 

Fuck you Vancouver. 

That's right...again, Vancouver and the big "BC Weed" thing meaning British Columbia was supposed to be the big spot for weed in the world but it was fake. 

That's right everyone it's actually Halifax, Nova Scotia that is the top place for weed in Canada where I live at. That's according to statistic's Canada.

Now I get the reference point on this, Vancouver was the fake spot for marijuana and it's really Halifax, I'm not surprised that's like that from living here. 

Now The Coast, Exclaim and Vancouver are all the same kind of scene they run a fake campaign in their magazines that looks like it's from Vancouver and now they're complaining about the smoking ban and their marijuana hype was fake. 

I hate that fake indie crap and marijuana crap from Vancouver so much, they are so fake out there. 

Apparently it was all just some "fake scene" in magazines and newspapers or something and it was all just crap, like The Coast and Exclaim Magazine. 

I hate that so much, that fake scene from Vancouver around music and marijuana. All fake right from Statistics Canada. 

On there crying about the smoking ban and pretending Vancouver is right big and it sucks. 

I'm not talking about the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL and regular people that's great but it's them indie marijuana pricks with their fake music scene like in The Coast and Exclaim Magazine. 

I'm so sick of those people, as it turns out Halifax is the number one City in Canada for marijuana and all High Times magazine talks about is Vancouver or something when it's really Halifax that is number one. 

That's right Halifax out does High Times Magazine and all they talk about is Vancouver and the fake scene they have in The Coast and Exclaim. 

I know what is going to happen next, we'll all find out that this was all hype and The Coast and Exclaim has no readers at all and there was no actual marijuana scene in Vancouver and it was just fake stuff they printed for their magazines. 

You watch, that was all fake in High Times about Vancouver and so was The Coast and Exclaim and they had no fans and they were fake music scenes.

Here's what I got from that article....there's no indie music scene in Vancouver or Marijuana and it was all fake for High Times Magazine. 

Halifax is Number One for Marijuana not Vancouver, now we own the weed folklore in Halifax for real and fuck the Vancouver fake indie alt weed scene, it's not even real.

Fuck The Coast Newspaper and Exclaim Magazine. 


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