Saturday, December 8, 2018

What Is Tech-Death

Technical Death Metal
I've been just recently watching a lot of stuff on the internet and working on band promotion and stuff like that and this is what's going on in the Death Metal music scene, first if you want to follow the metal scene it's probably best to follow Death Metal first and then you can learn the rest of metal after that, you can get that from me.

Just follow my page to learn the Death Metal scene then I will show you the other metal categories that you may want to read about like classic metal bands like Judas Priest or something.

Then you read my metal posts on this blog and follow my music at and my Heavy Metal music blog,

That's an easy way for you to follow the heavy metal music scene, by reading stuff that I'm into while I'm putting my band out. Then when I blog about what I'm doing you can all read the links on my pages to find out the best Death Metal and Heavy Metal stuff, let's say I was a music journalist or something, you can read my blog to get my tips on metal and events happening in the metal scene. 

Then when I'm promoting my band you can all follow along on my blog and twitter and see what I'm into with metal and then you can find out all the best bands and links from my pages.

Today I am going to do Tech Death, the meaning of Tech Death is "Technical Death Metal". Quebec Tech Death was just recently featured on Banger TV from Toronto. 

Tech Death is bands like Cynic, Death and Atheist.

These are some of the classic Technical  Death Metal Albums. 

So when you say Quebec Tech Death the bands featured on the Banger TV Quebec Tech Death segment are supposed to sound like Cynic, Death or Atheist.

Of course, the bands featured on Banger TV in Toronto are not of that same category and would really be Technical Death Metal influenced , maybe aside from Cryptopsy, in the category of bands inspired by Death or Atheist.   

Augury for example on Nuclear Blast Records would be Technical Death Metal but's that's inspired by bands like Cynic, Death and Atheist and not in the same category.

From what I've been following on the internet in the metal scene is the current "Tech Death" being promoted in Death Metal would be smaller bands I'm assuming of 500 copy pressings on small labels. 

Most of these bands I would consider to be youth center bands and all ages club bands which seems to be the main "Tech Death" scene being promoted today. I took a quick look and there are no real current bands promoted in this category which mainly seems to be smaller bands and the youth center scene like the one promoted on Banger TV.

Another place you can get promoted if you are a small band or youth center band is on Metal Injection which has a segment called Tech Death Tuesday and also featured on the Banger TV Quebec Tech Death segment where they listed a bunch of bands.

I looked up the website for Tech Death Tuesday and it features many smaller and unheard of bands and I'm assuming a lot of these may be at the youth center level which is promoted on Metal Injection.

Visit here Tech Death Tuesday for information on the smaller Tech Death bands which seems to have pretty big scene going of smaller bands.

Tech Death bands should check that out if they are trying to get promoted since this smaller scene is covered on Banger TV which you can promote on by crowdfunding and they will say your band name and is also featured on

So if you're looking to find Tech Death bands those are good places to start and Metal Injection has a list of stuff they cover under Tech Death Tuesday, Tech Death bands themselves should promote themselves to Metal Injection if they are trying to find a webpage that covers that category, since they both cover Tech Death.   

Like this, today's Tech Death scene is like at the youth center level with some larger bands, all that is covered on Banger TV and Metal Injection.

So if you're looking for that category for bands or promotion you can find the Tech Death stuff they are talking about on Banger TV covered on those pages but it is a scene for smaller bands.


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