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Heavy Metal Update

Mayhem-Dawn Of The Black Hearts
If you're wondering what's going on in Heavy Metal the big news recently is the guitarist from Mayhem (Norway) is playing in Quebec with the Drummer from Cryptopsy in a new "side project" or something. 

What that means for the metal scene here in Eastern Canada is a lot, it's pretty awesome to see someone like Mayhem's ex guitarist Rune Eriksen playing here in Canada's East Coast meaning Quebec along with Atlantic Canada. 

That's real original Black Metal from Norway here people, I'm just saying that this does a lot for the metal scene in Canada up in Montreal and here in Halifax because I play here in my band Collapse

I'm just happy to see an actual artist with a big name playing in the area with people from Quebec, this will do a lot for the metal scene here, meaning the larger one. 

If you don't know, the story of the band Mayhem from Norway is probably as big as you can get in Heavy Metal, to have people from that playing here in the real music scene like from Montreal is a guaranteed huge boost to the metal scene here in Canada.

Rune Erikson from Mayhem playing in Quebec is practically the same thing as him playing in Halifax, he was probably the person who replaced Mayhem's murdered guitarist. 

When Mayhem first started their first Vocalist killed himself and the rest of the band members took a picture of his dead body when they found it and used it as an album cover for a live recording, pictured above.

The story is that Mayhem's original guitarist used a piece of his skull as a necklace and cooked and ate a piece of his brain, later he was stabbed to death I believe by their bass player Varg Vikernes who served fourteen years in prison.

Needless to say Mayhem are huge stars here in Canada in the Metal Scene, their band is the definition of true Black Metal and I was a metal fan and remember when that happened as a defining moment in my adolescence.  

The band continued to play with new members and is still active, Rune Erikson I think replaced the original murdered guitarist Euronymous.

So that is a pretty big deal over here in metal to have Mayhem playing here right now. Mayhem the band is an extreme Black Metal band and for many people is not easy to listen to but it has a large cult following and is considered to be the defining band in Black Metal maybe aside from originators Bathory and Venom. 

Mayhem would be one of the originators of today's real Black Metal sound, their music is unrelenting and not for easy listening fans who don't get it. 

Varg Virkernes band Burzum which was recorded when he was in jail or actually I think it may have been a hospital situation is also a classic originating Black Metal band, if you don't get Burzum's music some of the appeal for me is that I like to listen to it to hear what Varg is putting together for music after being convicted of murder.

I mean he would be translating all his feelings of being a murderer into atmospheric musical scores and Black Metal an the albums are a good way of "seeing inside him as a murderer" as he translates his feelings into musical notations in Black Metal. 

To me Burzum is the sound of the feelings of a convicted murderer translated into music, that's what I like about it. You get to hear what's going on in his head through his music, meaning that's what he would be thinking about while in jail translated into music on the records. 

Like that could be feelings of guilt or hate he is describing through music on the Burzum albums. 

Rune Erikson who is playing in Quebec would be the replacement in Mayhem of the murder victim. Needless to say a big deal for metal fans where I live. 

I'm sure this will be great for the scene here and maybe this will spawn some new Quebec Black Metal bands in the future because of the influence here now from Mayhem from Norway, real Black Metal.

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Just to clarify I only follow real Heavy Metal bands on my page at like the band Mayhem. 

The name Banzai Records is a huge deal in Canada in Heavy Metal and used to be owned by Polygram Records in the 1980's. 

That's why I'm using the name now and you only get to see bands like mine Collapse and bands that are real Black Metal like Mayhem on the page, that's because it's like Banzai Records who released Bathory and Venom so their are no posers on the page on the Banzai Records that I own. 

What I'm saying is all the other bands are youth center bands and not good or metal enough to appear on which is owned by the band Collapse , me, and I only cover stuff like Mayhem. 

Youth Center bands crowdfunding to get their music out on metal magazines and music shows can use stuff like , and Banger TV from Toronto to get their names out because they cover Youth Center bands and crowdfunding scenes and cover small outfits like PRC Music for the youth center, like through the Quebec Tech Death and Tech Death scene featured on Banger TV from Toronto.

Like if the magazine page covers PRC Music bands on the internet like on the Quebec Tech Death spotlight on Banger TV then their magazine is for the youth center and bands that play there, that's probably why they give the albums fair reviews because they are the youth center scene and the records are all terrible.

I mean you know the magazines cover the youth center because that's where the bands play at outside, I only cover real bands like Venom or Mayhem on Banzai Record Heavy Metal News not posers at the youth center.   

I have no time for that because I am a real artist and only cover bands like Venom and Mayhem on Banzai Records Heavy Metal News. 

If you remember a few years ago the whole scene was Death Core, well that's over now and they are all playing Tech Death (Technical Death Metal) which is the latest trend at the youth center and all age clubs and small labels now.

I have no time for that because it probably all sucks anyway and I am a real artist and I only have time to cover real metal like Mayhem on my Music Blog, Banzai Records Heavy Metal News .

Just a quick follow up - to see the youth center metal scene just follow this search for PRC Music bands on Google then you can see all the magazine's that cover the youth center and crowd funding scene for Banger TV.

That's also the same scene that flamed me on the internet from the youth center and outside and because I was in LA Weekly for my band Collapse and they all suck and play at the youth center and I don't.

There's no metal fans there at that level, it's just people copying and flaming people who were in LA Weekly because they suck and can't play. Anyway, why would you even waste your time listening to any of that music when you could be listening to something good like Mayhem or Metallica.

Keep it real fellow Satanic Worshippers and only listen to stuff like Mayhem. 


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