Friday, December 21, 2018

Nutrition: Are You Still Hungry After You Eat

Save money, don't eat food that makes you hungry right away.
I read the MSN news page which is usually just tabloid garbage and this one article stood out.

Are you still hungry after you eat?

From my experience with dieting and exercise from just trying to stay in shape I have some tips to help you not be hungry when you are dieting. For me, dieting just means meal planning and trying not to eat too much fat, junk food or fast food. 

I don't really eat candy that often and maybe only eat fast food like once a month and usually go to McDonalds for their all day breakfast or a seriously chicken.

The number one problem I get for being hungry after meals is from eating too much meat. 

If you're like me you may get hungry after eating from having too much meat. The reason is because of the fat content in meat, fat has nothing in it to fill your stomach.

Fat, unlike regular food, does not fill you up when you eat it. If you're eating a lot of meat then there may be nothing in your food too make you full.

Eating fat is like having nothing in your body, you need calories to stay full. 

After you eat a lot of meat you start to notice that you are hungry all the time, that is from the fat in the meat over time, even top quality meat contains fat. Eating meat over time gradually makes you more hungry from eating fat with nothing in it. 

To stay full you need to eat stuff like eggs and bread. 

Eat a lot of eggs and bread and then that will fill you up because there is no fat in it. Then, when you eat you're regular meals you won't be hungry right away because you're full from eggs and bread.

Try this simple dieting trick, just eat tons of boiled eggs and bread like toast for a week, then you will start to notice you are not hungry after you eat.

Then have a regular meal with meat in it and you will notice that you get hungry faster after eating meat. Cutting back on meat and eating more stuff like eggs and bread will also save you money.

Why waste all that money on meat when you get hungry right away. Use the money to buy cheaper food like eggs and eat more of that, you will save money and stay full. Plus you will feel way healthier after you get on that diet for a while, just eat what works best for you to stay full after eating.


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