Thursday, December 6, 2018

Heavy Metal Is Not For Nerds

Death Metal Is For Psycho's Not Nerds
I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately and heavy metal music stuff on the internet. They got all these people on there talking about heavy metal and saying that heavy metal is for nerds, like fans of the World Wrestling Federation. 

Remember when they had the WCW "New World Order" story line back in the 1990's, well all these nerds on the internet are all listening to heavy metal music and acting like it's the same thing as when Hulk Hogan turned bad on wrestling. 

You know the ones, it's the people coming into the music store looking for the WWF Soundtrack CD with the wrestlers entrance themes on it, now their all running around in Iron Maiden t-shirts thinking it's the World Wrestling Federation or something. 

Like on the crowd funding scene on Banger TV from Toronto, they don't know what Heavy Metal is, they are all on their saying they "are all nerds" and have conditions like lactose intolerance and allergies and all this stuff like in Revenge of the Nerds, only they are wearing heavy metal t-shirts. 

That's all you need now is a bunch of nerds bothering you when you're in a Death Metal band because they think you're the Undertaker or Macho Man Randy Savage or something. 

Then it's like their all going on about their computer or something all the time and playing Dungeons & Dragons or something like some nerd and then thinking their in heavy metal. Of course I know computer stuff and know how to play Dungeons & Dragons but when I do it I know what I'm playing. They are all just copying everyone else. 

You can tell they are just copying people when you hear their music because there is no riffs in it, like they are "just making up the sound in their head" and trying to play it on the guitar and there is no actual metal riff in their songs because they don't know anything about music theory or scales and notes and there's no structure in their guitar riffs.

Then when they play they have no theory in their music like in the Quebec Tech Death segment on  Banger TV, that's how you know they are just copying the sound of Death Metal by ear with no musical theory because they have no actual "metal" style guitar riff in their songs because they don't know musical structures. 

It's like they are copying professional wrestling and doing body slams and figure four leg locks on each other out in the back yard, but it's supposed to be a heavy metal record. 

Their arguments on the crowdfunded heavy metal scene like on Quebec Tech Death and Brutal Death Metal band debate are total garbage aimed at fans of the World Wrestling Federation copying heavy metal and don't know what they are playing on the guitar or repeating when they "discuss" from real heavy metal. 

Like for example slang terms in Death Metal become music categories on their show. Death Metal is not for Nerds, it's for people who are insane like Jeffery Dahmer or something, that's who my target audience is. 

The next Jeffery Dahmer wants to listen to real Death Metal not some nerd, that's who I play for real fans, then if some serial killer likes it you know it's going to be a great band. Death Metal is not some stunt for nerds to go watch Professional Wrestling, they are real people and believe in all that for real. 

They are not "fanboys" of Satanism they are actual Satanists in Death Metal or Black Metal, and they are not throwing some puppet show for fans on Kermit The Frog or some Muppet Show like they think it is. 

I'm sure that those nerds doing that are causing a threat to the public safety because they are saying that Heavy Metal is a bunch of kids with allergies and who are nerds and stuff, and act like they are watching the Muppet Show or Professional Wrestling. 

Death Metal is full of serious musicians and they are not nerds and take their music and beliefs seriously, really though Death Metal is not for kids although it is just a fantasy. 

The fantasy in Death Metal appeals to people who want to hear about fantasies of necrophilia, murder and torture plus many of them are serious musicians and they are real Satanists. They are not kids pretending to be in Heavy Metal with an Iron Maiden shirt and a Kermit The Frog puppet in their bed room like the way they act.

Really though, Death Metal is for a grown up serious audience which those kids aren't a part of. They way they are talking about people in Death Metal who are actual fans is demeaning, insulting and infuriating to watch those nerds crowdfund to say Death Metal is for kids who like professional wrestling and is the same thing. 

I'm sure this happens anyway but it's probably only a matter of time before some "Jeffery Dahmer" like psycho or Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker" who was an actual metal fan who went on a killing spree in the hayday of Thrash Metal in the 1980's gets in an argument with them and confronts them about what they are saying and stuff. 

I'm just saying by talking about Death Metal and Heavy Metal and acting like it's the Muppet Show or Professional Wrestling that this is a risk to piss off a real Satanist who are actually in Death Metal and Heavy Metal and they may target them for making fun of them and insulting them when they could possibly be a real serial killer. 

The talk they do like that saying Death Metal is for kids who are nerds with allergies and stuff and saying that is the metal scene which it isn't is going to attract some Death Metal hate monger who is a real fan or serial killer or something because the way they talk that's who would be getting pissed watching it, that's because it's psycho oriented and that's the real fans not a bunch of nerds. 

It's only a matter of time before all this nerd talk attracts some psycho to them, that's my fanbase I am playing for...actual psychos in real Death Metal like Richard Ramirez or someone you know, real fans, not some nerd who thinks heavy metal is Hulk Hogan or Razor Ramon or someone. 

Death Metal is real and is real Satanism, not a mock up by Vince McMahon for nerds who watch wrestling. All these kids parents should really try and get a handle on these kids behavior, oh and the band they picked from the crowd funding scene on PRC Music had the drummer from the band Augury in it at some point, that's probably how they got on it, my question is though why would they want to leave the Nuclear Blast Records music scene to play for PRC Music and a bunch of kids at the Youth Center like they show on Banger TV. 

Whatever, dorks.


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