Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas: Huge Night In The NHL Today

NHL All Day Today.
This year Christmas starts last night and goes until Wednesday, what is happening for this weekend do you ask? 

NHL Hockey.

I didn't look all this up but it looks like most teams are playing tonight in the NHL, here is my brief NHL Sports Update. 


Top Stories: 

Alexander Ovechkin is now #10 on the All Time Player list and is ranking around Maurice "The Rocket" Richard, something like that they said on the commentary on the game.

Top Game Tonight For Christmas Long Weekend:


That's right Ottawa vs. Washington D.C.  

If you don't know what that is that's Canada's Capital versus the United States Capital.

The Ottawa Senators versus the Washington Capitals is the Top #1 Game in the NHL for Christmas, make sure not to miss any of this as Alexander Ovechkin is piling on the stats, there's NHL History in the works here, this is the stuff you miss every time...make sure to follow that and not miss watching Ovechkin climb the all time player list. 

Here is a tip for all you kids in the NHL, (I'm 43 next week, you're all kids to me now in the NHL). 

Make sure to always touch the puck on an icing call because stopping your stride while skating and not following through on your motions may strain your body and you may tear your ligaments.

Stopping your motion may also cause you to trip on the back of the net. 

When you are skating in a practiced motion and coming around the back of the net not following through and touching the puck on an icing call may tear your ligaments etc. if you stop in mid stride, always be sure to follow through and touch the puck on an icing call and then continue your stride. 

Tip for goalies:

Stay out of that corner, it is a penalty for a goalie to go into the corner now...this is because of collisions.

If you are a goalie and in the corner forwards coming down the ice at you are moving too fast and can't stop when they come around the corner.

This causes major accidents in Hockey, the goalie can't get out of the way because of all that gear, then the forward has too much momentum coming around the corner and can't stop.

That is why this is a banned spot on the ice for the goalie, too many accidents in the corner. Plus, the NHL is super fast now and the player can't stop quickly in those areas. 

TOP NHL TEAMS FOR 2018-2019:

Here is the roundup, and make sure to catch the NHL outdoor winter classic on New Years Days.

In the West the Top Teams are the Winnipeg Jets and the Calgary Flames.

In the East the Top Teams are the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Those are the Teams to beat this year, here are there overall rankings:

1. Tampa Bay Lightning - 56 Points
2. Winnipeg Jets - 48 Points
3. Calgary Flames - 47 Points
4. Washington Capitals - 45 Points

Those are the top teams and the number one picks heading into 2019. 

Remember when you are on the ice to stay smart and stay safe. 

*if any of that is not correct, it's because I didn't read it all and just did a quick summary. Just check for yourself. 

Merry Christmas 2018!


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