Sunday, January 30, 2022

RE: What Am I Doing Today?

Come on people...I'm home playing "Hoard Of The Dragon Queen" to get ready for the next huge Dungeons & Dragons release in two years, I got the last one 5E the day it came out.

That's what I've been blogging about, Dragon Adventures is just my game I play at my I'm blogging while I'm working on it and getting ready for the big game release.

I my fan script on Dawn Forged Cast, Data in the future on Star Trek is actually Dr.Soon himself trapped in his android...then he doesn't remember until he wakes up millions of years in the future on Star Trek from the transplant.

Deal with it, Levar used to be on Reading Rainbow and he knows everyone that was in my class in the smart he knows all the gifted students and them from their school projects when I was in elementary school.

That's what everyone's talking about.

Then where did Reading Rainbow go on vacation?

Action Park! duh.



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