Friday, January 28, 2022

RE: Matt Hoffman BMX

Just to let everyone know, nothing happened in BMX or Skateboarding since they made those tapes, that's what I'm saying like about my band Collapse I only need like one fan anyway like Matt Hoffman or somebody.

Right, then he tells everyone at the skate park like in little league or something back then and then if I go down maybe I can sell him a sticker for his BMX bike or something to give out like when they released BMX in the 1980s' his promotion I mean.

Since Wall Street's not buying maybe I can sell something to those promotions or something like I mean Tony Hawk, I don't mind the guy, Bones Brigade...they haven't made anything since then and I just finished University and all that.

Like maybe down at the skate thing and BMX today I can hook them up with some cheap crap from Wall Street that got abandoned like Digital and then sell it down at the skate park or something for some start up money or it's still the same guys down there from the 1980's when I got down there, maybe I can sell their promotion something for that Jackass thing or something.

If I get desperate for money or something, just some business advice for ya if you failed on Wall Street. 


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