Wednesday, January 26, 2022

RE: Heavy Metal Band And Where They Come From

I was watching band videos of them recording during covid and, you guys are so far away from me...them guys are like way out from me in a different planet man playing in band, getting tattoos and all that like Mayhem or somebody.

They're doing a live stream when they're making their new record, I mean....on there eating and stuff on the show, why don't you take the camera into the bathroom and record you in there taking a bath and stuff while your record, I'm not posting that on my page it's too long.

Maybe they'll pay for an extra ep out of it.

You know what I got from the tape....Mayhem don't like salad....thinks it takes too long to eat.

What you eating strips of beef right off the side of the cow, fuck you guys are in a hurry.

I'm just saying, I'm the Disneyland type, right...I go there, I mean that's where I'm giving everybody your records...where I live, I mean I don't travel and hang around like that because I'm the Disney world ressort type and regular things like the office.

I had to do some serious digging, like I said....I was at BMX and all that skateboard stuff, we were doing the demonstrations to sell products back then, like when BMX was released to all other manufacturers after they sold the original designs.

That's where I live and work at, I mean did all my office experience back then to be an executive and then I went away to school and all that and now I live there....that's what I'm saying...everyone just knows me where I live and work at so when I carry the record everyone sees it where I live, then it has a better chance of getting released on a movie soundtrack, like Mayhem already is, or something.

People I knew came into my record store years later and seen Mayhem...then later they want to make movies about the band, that's because when I pick a band the big producers all get it right fast because they know me then it's up them to put it out or not.

Giving right to a producer is an actual album submission, then when you submit more demos they already know the band from my page and store where I live, the same place as Disney and that.


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