Sunday, January 30, 2022

RE: Can't Understand The Hoard Of The Dragon Queen

It's the first book in Dungeons & Dragon 5E, maybe you should start with the Starter Box Adventures and Essentials Kit, I mean that is some good material if you need to work your way into Hoard Of The Dragon Queen in the Tyranny Of Dragons Saga.

The adventures take place on The Sword Coast, where there are thinly connected cities across the coastline connected by an old road.

Now, as soon as you see the material you see The City In The Clouds and that's Spelljammer from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, so you know in Hoard Of The Dragon Queen you get a flying ship..I assume at some point to leave the Sword Coast.

How you read this game is you just say the name of the character and location and continue talking and ignore what the words sound like then the game starts making sense.

Like this in the book, Dharva Scatterheart from the town of Greenest fancied herself The Queen Of The Greenfields...that's the back plot of the book...Dharva Scatterheart.

She passed away before that could happen, her dream of becoming Queen of the green fields.  

Now there is some kind of Dragon Tyranny in the region.

You need to learn these books to memorize the 5E rule book for the 6E release and participate in D20 if you write your own modules and game settings.


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