Thursday, January 20, 2022

INTERNET: How To Use New Domain Extentions

Man, apparently 4K is dead, I mean I'm  , now the box looks worn out because I bought one.

You talk about dead links in one minute, I mean if I'm on it with that everyone else is gonna be on a higher format. 

So here is where I am at right now, so yeah go look at the 1080p tv box now and see what you think about it....everyone threw that out as soon as I bought the name, what the fuck did I buy and get stuck with this time on that sell off.

I mean, maybe that's why they sold it off...names like .digital are more expensive renews and to hold a lot will cost your company a lot of money in yearly renews.

Maybe this time I got stuck with something, so lets say that 1080p is a  dead format because it's 4K+ now so 1080p is still the "iso standard" for the main HD launch...right away someone like me buying that ruined the format.

Now I'm stuck with a dead format on Digital.

That's fine though no one even really has it yet and they're not "pushing" the 4K (the same meaning as 1080p) that's just the basic you will get later like a 720p 19" RCA Television for like $99 Canadian.

That's still now a bad tv for the kitchen or something.

I though it was over 600+ domain extension but it's actually 400+.

Here is what I am using for my naming format on the 1080p digital page.

With the new domain releases they made them in "batches" for different service like digital for .digital

Now it's up to the public to figure out how to use the release, companies and stuff.

On the internet you only own the url name for the years you pay to use it....the yearly re-registration fee is like the "service fee" to have your chosen name on the internet. 

This is how you get the new extensions running from my perspective.

You need to pick one and sit on it and hold it down so I bought pages on .digital that go with the iso release.


So if I buy a list at the top of the section like on .digital I own and run that "iso listing" for global business.

Then it's up to me to promote digitial for the internet out of my pocket since I'm sitting on the top on the listing.

Like this audio and video on main .digital to hold the iso open.

Internet naming rules:

This is important and why their are limited domain extensions....a domain extension and a file extension can't be the same name because that breaks the internet.

Once they say .digital for a domain extension you can never use that for a file extension ever again because if you type in and it was a file name it would load a software program on the url.

That's why domain extensions have to be different than file extensions.

Then, look at the url and then just imagine it as a file name sitting in a folder on your computer, so on the address bar say .digital is the folder, and the audio / video on the page are the files.

So to use , type in the address backwards by writing .digital first and then as if it's a folder on you computer with music in it except on the address bar.

Then, write 1080p before it just to remember the naming structure...that will help launch the format.

just read it backwards on the address bar , then read .digital first as the folder name and the 1080p and the file in the folder, that's you're file list for the webpage.

Like that, so read them backwards and then it starts working to the format.

That will help you read and organize the internet to yourself by understanding what the new file names mean.

Another example I like is .cam

So you get:



and then      digital.digial 

then mine is

That's how the naming structure works.

I also like .cam because it is almost interchangeable with .com and it's higher on the alphabetical list.

I'm sure in the future .cam will be a big alternate to .com because it's so close to the same name.

Now I'll try and sit on .digital for the music release iso with and I'm see how much web traffic I get when I start blogging and sharing videos on the page.

Then someone else will have to do .cam and the rest to open and hold the iso listings for "whatever" their will be on them in the future.

I'm also saying if you say .digital, then the url should have better digital reception than other pages "somehow" if they get it going the music and audio /  video should sound better on those pages.

Like "tuining in" to a high def audio page by typing in .digital to move the "stereo" to the url on the web by making .digital a stream extension with a high def audio band single on it to boost digital tracks of any format like by typing in .digital turns on the "internet stereo" for hi def sound.

I don't know how that is done, I just mean "somehow" other engineers and the military are the people that would have to install that.


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