Friday, January 21, 2022

LINK: 5 Bbooks I loved Reading This Year by Bill Gates


So if you're not reading Bill Gates webpage, who looks pretty great these days good for you, you're probably gonna get wacked.

I mean, here's a guy who build the pc computer for the internet for $50 Thousand Dollars, for the original os that became Windows.

This is the perfect example of what I'm telling people....Bill's blogging about back then, that's his new job...reading books and bogging on the internet, I mean...just read the page and try not to get beat up outside.

Bill knows me I'm sure from the old days because it's school people don't get what I mean, I was one of those backup dancers everyone talks about on the entertainment shows from back in the 1980's, from ballet and I did a boy and girl a boy ballerina in girls makeup looks just like a girl...that's all I am there people, an anonymous backup dancer and I worked around the set.

Like at Star Trek events for the launch of The Next Generation and Microsoft before the internet came out, then I used to dress up like a girl dancer and fill in for when Bill and Levar when they needed background dancers for stuff  they were doing, then I just happened to live there and my family worked around those business and then I used to go down and dance and stuff for Bill and them, so I'm sure Bill Gates knows who I am, like from when they were planning the internet.

That's what's so funny all those people flaming me and I was just some anonymous background dancer, now I found out that they were just doing that to everyone, flaming the public.



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