Saturday, January 15, 2022

MUSIC: New Kiss "Destroyer" Four Album Set

I just noticed this now, Kiss put out a new 4 Album version of  "Destroyer". 

That just recently came out, it's good timing that this came out because last year I burnt all my Kiss stuff because I didn't like their press, this year they have a new 4 album set out so I'm listen to it again.

Like if you don't know how Kiss works, you're never going to be in the Kiss Army...come on, you have to do that yourself.

I mean they put the one album out then people like me in the Kiss Army have to go tell everyone that's why I bought all these bull shit pages like , I mean that's some death metal page that people don't like so I bought it for link pages.

Back at the record store that was around the Kiss reunion, you guarantee Paul Stanley knows my record store, that because I always carry guarantee Kiss knows who I am from the big party we had at the concert from the record store.

That's what I mean about the Kiss Army though, like if I want to be in it I had to go to University to make my own pages, then I can run Kiss on them for nothing.

Maybe Paul Stanley found out about my webpages and stuff now their looking for some free press from the Kiss Army from the record store...I mean since Paul Stanley found out I'm buying all these bullshit web urls to run free ads for bands on, this is good timing for me and my party I have at the concerts because I just got a new 4K Smartphone and for when I get back down to the concert partying, like since I left from school and haven't been down to a big concert partying in a while, plus I'm stuck at home because of covid.


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