Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Metal Blogosphere Update

Here's a description of what I'm working on right now, I'm doing the server setup for like the webserver for the store shopping carts on blogs and webpages...I'll get paid when it starts selling stuff.

So, this is for listing products on the smart phone etc. on music blogs, like record store blogs which have switched to digital promotion pages with t-shirt stores in them...then I'm doing all the server configurations for the ad servers and product listings like I used to do in SAP.

These pages all have the same shopping cart....it's just being loaded on a few items right now on my band for shopping carts on digital blog distribution on metal urls...etc.

Like we just did this page here:


What I'm saying is I do the server for the blog and store and then we're all sharing the same product list, and I run all the web server design and maintenance, then later this might be a bigger magazine if it takes off...or it's just a video blog for record store distribution.

So when you see Ecwid with my band Collapse on it that is us working on the server for the shopping cart load at the record for t shirt sales on the digital record store promotion on the web and smartphone.

The point here is I run the web server and the magazine might change later if they expand and are all separate magazine's, like later it's possible that it could be for sale because they are seperate from the other pages, so we're working on a bunch of that right now.


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