Tuesday, June 29, 2021

INFORMATION: Working In Domain Name Sales etc.

People want to know this they mean...

Trying to make money buying and selling domain names on the internet...what's up with that they want to know.

It sucks man, you have to hold the name forever to try and make money off it and it's super expensive holding a lot of names.

Then people don't want to pay for the "premium name" and just get an equal name for a regular price like something with the same web traffic on it and use that instead.

So companies get stuck with holding names they can't sell, but then it pays them in ads for webtraffic.

And that is low money.


Well because it's only an ad page on a busy name...so it has no page content on it.

The page content is what makes the name the top url's by generating web traffic onto the top with magazine content and shopping cart items.

So without the shopping cart and the magazine content the domain name isn't worth that much, just per click advertising...then creating the content that's worth millions of dollars so people and business just don't have the money to expand these top domains into large businesses.

If you wanted to get in to that you can for $10,000 .....ten thousand dollars can get you a pretty good domain name on the internet, like a top quality name....after that it's not worth very much unless you have developed it into a magazine or store with millions of traffic on it...then you start getting the value for it.

After that then you sell your ad space.

That is what makes pages like YouTube and Facebook so successful is they have the name and the page content, so that is the value to businesses who pay them to put advertisements on their pages.

Again, that is all regulated on the stock market.

That's just for one page....then there are tons of those with all the movie and magazine content on the internet.

So it is worth it get in to it but it starts at up to ten thousand a domain name then millions in magazine content development and people own whole networks of these pages worth billions of dollars.


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