Sunday, June 27, 2021

Disney & Marvel Humuliating Themselves - EDIT: This Might Be Bootleg

Now Marvel says the 1990's X-Men , my fan fiction section, are over sexualized...dropping the actual costumes for plain characters and baby animation.

No it isn't. 

You are all a scam.

Who is this for anyway?

Yeah I'm starting to get the point of Doug Ford Ontario's Premier....he's the candidate of the pyramid scam steaming my and other people's work catering to office employees operating from homeless people with no education in their companies, job sharing with no compliance like this crap:

Why do you people think you have fans?

EDIT: I think this might be bootleg, now it's a one shot - they are saying that for Pride Month, like you would think it would be more sexual for that, so they are saying the opposite in the article, that Pride Month is not sexual. 

This might be some kind of racist scam saying Pride Month backwards.


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