Friday, June 25, 2021

NEWS: Sobeys Lysteria And Food Recalls

Now this company keeps getting lysteria and now they have massive food recalls.

Here is food for thought - How about Sobeys owns Lawtons Drugs and Lawtons Home Health Care.

That's what I mean and here is the example....that's the staff that home invaded me in 2008 - Lawtons Home Health Care, I mean what are they doing casing homes for break ins?

That's what happened when I worked there, they came into my house...they are in peoples houses everyday treating the elderly and the sick from their pharmacy business.

Now to mention that's medical supplies, I mean they tried to use my University Degrees to run my projects with no degrees or certificates selling medical supplies at Lawtons and visiting homes, what is fake covid products and respirators?

If they sold medical supplies with no certificates on the TSX and someone died that's murder.

Then they are coming in to people's homes to provide health care....from the Head Office staff in a home invasion at my house.

Like this...let's say the was CD and LP pressing instead of SAP software projects.....they got the material mine and then at that point you can either print your records with the equipment or start bootlegging...Sobeys started bootlegging with it.

Then I quit, but it was software projects for things like Lawtons Home Health Care, like using bootleg projects to sell medical equipment on the TSX with no certificates, then coming in to people's houses to provide health care....if they die that's murder, when I worked there it was home invasion at my house.


Not only that Sobeys blamed the elderly for not voting for Sunday Shopping then they illegally overturned the vote...then they are going into the elderly's homes after blaming them from Lawtons Home Health Care.

With an attempt at running the projects with no certificates...what'd they do go back and sell them faulty respirators with no certificates on the TSX or what for not voting for them?


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