Monday, June 28, 2021

This Is It With The Community Services

With the scam busted in Ottawa and senior Finance Officials being fired or something what's the deal with the Community Services then?

Are they Case Working them or not...for welfare and disability?

They said you're not allowed saving up all your payments because you're supposed to be using it to buy house hold items and for larger purchases, so you're on a cheque and when you save up money they mean they want you to use it for something you need for your house...which means you're doing better off on your cheque than other people because you have savings and new house hold item purchases...from proper spending and budgeting your money.

That's what they said.

Then when you go down to correct your file for your back payments they refused to take the free form three times in front of the lawyer and now they are sued.

Then while Lockheed Martin illegally takes tax dollar payments in Dartmouth, Halifax for their staff if that is true.

So which is it to the Community Services?

Are you caseworker for home budgets or not?

So you need to fix that because you're blocking file adjustments for back payments on home budgets.

So what's it gonna be Ottawa?

Are you fixing the issue here in Halifax or what?


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