Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Government Man Are Idiots

Like with all this school work and stuff they didn't want that I did, like from someone like me from the Sampson Train people, you know like Thomas Edison and them and Alexander Graham Bell up here in Nova Scotia.

Anyway, they didn't give me anything when I graduated...then I got to keep all the work.

Like my own private tourism stuff from my history studies for local tourism and computer designs for University Grants.

You know, stuff for the text book...like SAP Product Delivery Models.

So I kept mine the text book work for the University work for a private business.

I'm telling you, SAP sucks to this model.

Recording Studio  -> To Smartphone Digital Album Release with built in Wall Street Ecwid Shopping Cart for one click band merch purchases.

Like the artist can just get off the stage at the concert and whip out the smart phone and make people slap him $20 for a shirt like at the pop machine for a Pepsi on their debit chip card.

That is so awesome.

That's my delivery method for my record label for my digital album releases, then that's compatible with Wal-Mart and them with iTunes in store gift cards....then on the iTunes gift card the extra money on it they can use to buy a hat from your Ecwid Cart.


Right out of the text book.

Not even that...then we went out right and bought a bunch of record label names that stopped making cd's and turned them into record store blogs to release record label press with the blog as a listening post for album streams like at the old CD Plus up here in Halifax.

Then we're promoting and using digital services and also running the label press for their artists on the record store blogs.

So we're the record store now, selling hats and stuff, with the old CD Plus listening post up here in Halifax on the record store blogs streaming albums for bands out on digital.

From their official album streams.

Like off the blog on the smart phone.

Then so I needed some good record store names so we went out and got a bunch...like A & A Records....spelt out  www.aandarecords.com .

Right because I used to work at CD Plus and that's almost the same as A & A but later.

So I had to do it all myself they mean...with no grants or nothing.

Like on Seinfeld right the show from New York, Bleecker Bob's Records was on it...so just like they said on the show...$2 for the record.

So we went down like in the South Bronx and got the store front Bleecker Bob's man from New York...for the Smart Phone url like the gangs members back in the 70's and 80's ....only I got it legit fair and square.

Now I'm Bleecker Bob....if I sell it the next guy's Bleecker Bob, ya get it?

Man, that's how it works down there they meant.

Hahahahahahahahaha, fucking asshole.

Do you know how much that's store worth man?

That was the main record dump in New York City from all the major labels in the 70's and 80's.

They invented New Wave Music,...now it's mine for my death metal store.


That's some good shopping cart space man.

I'm getting close to getting in the discount bin at Wal-Mart on here so pay attention.

Like if you're following my business set up...like this was for my school research projects and they didn't want it for my setup so I have to do it private out of the school at the record store so everyone can watch because it's and Ecwid Cart Shopping System and I have my own product delivery model for music promotion.

Like everyone has to see it for my job when I'm selling stuff because it's public information.

That's what I mean you can follow along like from the text book stuff they didn't want.

I used to be with SAP...now I have my own so it's like SAP on the blog shopping cart on Ecwid.

So it's a product delivery system...like on Wall Street, I have my own from my school work, Digital Music Distribution to Record Store Listening Station Smart Phone Blog with Built In Ecwid Shopping Cart.

Now watch on the internet and television and stuff for people to start saying that, like Napster and them...people copying us from the computer lab.


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