Monday, June 28, 2021

Local News & Politics: Jobs Alert

Here is some information on the upcoming work in Halifax in local news and politics, it's the file correction at the Senate in Ottawa.

From now on everyone's going be talking about the file correction.

This is coming from my complaint to the Senate and the News, which I was advised to do by Legal Aid.

Now all the news and local "business" men want to know about the file correction for their career advancement around the Senate and business plus it's a good solid story for the news and similar to down in Florida on the show American Greed up here in Halifax.

Like they get that all the time down there, up here everyone wants to know how they are impacted by the file correction, like they might owe you back money because of your file mistakes.

So that's going to be all news and business from now on about the file correction, like up here in Halifax Lockheed Martin will probably be run out of town soon because they are taking Halifax tax dollars from the United States for their staff to build computers for submarines for the Military here in Halifax.

Then the Community Services refused to correct their files for clients three times in front of their lawyers...for the file correction.

So correcting the file error here in Halifax is going to mean new local jobs creation in these new areas, news topics etc.

That's to get backed owed disability payments which they refused to file while they paid Lockheed Martin here in Dartmouth staff wages on government contracts and put disability patients out in the cold, now they are caught in a medical supplies scam operating on the TSX without certifications to avoid SEC Compilamce like in my court case against them local business on the TSX and now the Nova Scotia Provincial Government over the file corrections for back payments.


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