Monday, June 28, 2021

New Darkthrone Review

Yeah so it took me a minute to decipher what Darkthrone are releasing, so here is my review....Darkthrone go back to a simpler format, duh...they are genisus.

There ya go...release all your records like Darkthrone on the old format....then I'm promoting on digital at the Record Store from CD Plus for retail blog distribution...with my degree from the stock market...then if you follow this blog you can watch me put the products on the page from the record store.

That's A & A Records and all that on the Smart Phone now, like from CD Plus.....that's where I work at right now for my business, blog distribution for products on the Smart for releasing videos and albums and stuff, t-shirts etc. for sale on Android and Smartphones etc.   

So do the record like Darkthrone, if I see it I'll pick it up for Smart Phone blog old mp3 days for band distribution today on the smart phone...only it's 100% Official.

Like if your band doesn't have any money.

If you want me to release your records on the Smart Phone on blog distribution like from when I used to be at CD Plus when we did Mayhem and Emperor and them...I am the record store for the new record store format on the smart blogs etc.

So I can sign your band for the record right to the store for digital distribution on the smart phone....then I can print and sell your t-shirt designs on the blogs with my band Collapse  , that band link get's millions of views from the metal blogosphere, then they'll see your band name and record listed with mine.

So you have no money and want to put your band out.

Well this is a great example...Darkthrone went back to the old format, that's easy for me to run on digital, their last record "Old Star" just came out on Sony on Century Media or something not that long's still brand new...that record didn't even circulate yet and it's still brand new.

Now Sony is gonna sell that record now that they are dropped or something from now on and get the money for it with the band off the label.

Now Darkthrone went back to Peaceville Records on a simpler format....that is great timing for me because Darkthrone is easier to promote for me that way on digital from the record store.

Now that one's out on the smaller label on the Smart Phone while the last one on the bigger label is still circulating on the larger promotion...a good deal for Darkthrone.

Plus Metallica's got a record on it from Blackened Records their label out on Rhino Distribution and I'm distributing it at the retail end on at my page through on Metallica's original label name here in Canada Banzai Records that's old Polygram Records that I bought.

So it's looking pretty good on there for Smart Phone blog distribution on there for Darkthrone and Metallica.

Band's switch labels all the time...great.

Labels carry the debts for the bands to release albums, sometimes the label can only release a few for each band...then the band looks for new people to pay to put the record out.

If you want to put your record out on digital through Banzai Records I am taking demo submissions for bands and can pay to release you band on digital and print your t-shirts through the record store.

I have space right now to take some bands on that Darkthrone and Metallica are doing.

So if you want me to release your digital album, sign it to me and I will distribute it on digital through the blogosphere and print your shirts.

That's if I took your if your a band like Darkthrone and change labels a lot and can't get signed or get a good deal...I have money to put it out on that format.

For the digital distribution end on global distribution on Spotify and them, plus t-shirt printing.

REMEMBER though, I do that at the record store so it's a simple contract...something like consignment....I tell me what the contract you want is to put it on my store and I'll sign it if I like it...current rates were like 10% for cds which went don't sell now.

I'm saying something like I can guarantee 10% on digital $2 per shirt back to the band minimum when it is all sold, this takes a few years to get going like the last Darkthrone on Sony I mentioned, then I am also printing stickers and stuff.

Like Sony on them on Century Media...I'll take it and sell it for a few years and then that's what I'll pay you back when I sell it, you can check on the money the whole time so it's no big deal.

That's what I can give you back from the record store sales, way higher than cd royalties.

Just take that number work with it and let me know what you need to get, if you want me to pay for your release on that format.

Then I'll hold your records on Spotify and them on Digital on Forward Regression Records through .

Then I'll distribute and sell them going forward for those records you put out on my label at the record store from my end, like Century Media is doing with "Darkthrone - Old Star" from now on.

Mine is the same thing at the record stores, then all the graphics and band advertisements are distributed on the Smart Phone on the blogosphere with your t-shirt and sticker links etc. at my Record Store "Banzai Records".

That's the deal at my record store...I also do mixing and mastering but we're getting up into a $5000 bill here...but it doesn't have to be that large but if your serious I do have stuff available for doing mixing and mastering samples and stuff for studio work.

So that's the deal is going forward if you want to put your album out at my record store like Darkthrone and or  .

Then remember I have to see it through the spam so make sure your email is readable or try several times.

If desperate message me on Facebook   at some point I will get that.

That's where I'm at and I just went forward with the next stage of my record store launch so that deal is permanent going forward unless the band slots fill up.

So I got a lot of work into this, three million dollars in Corporate work hours...that's the deal I can give from the record store for digital distribution on the blogosphere on the Smart Phone.

No pressure, just bring me your contract if you band is interested and I'll let you know what I can do and sign your deal if I can put your band out.


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