Saturday, June 26, 2021

This Is What I Mean About The SEC And IRS Compilance

Working in a stock market company at my old job this is exactly what I mean, I potentially saved people from  malpractice cases by quitting the company that sold medical supplies and did home health care delivery.

That is why I turned them in right away, because they tried  to steal my certificates form my job for their desk job, then they would have used my work illegally and then someone could have walked right in though their head office and sold people faulty medical supplies....because I turned them in, they didn't confess...they were right in the middle of corporate work theft...stock market compliance regulations.

With me there, I was someone to say no to tell them they needed the certificate and wern't allowed using other peoples work for compliance.

That's because they had no degree in the field.

So when I quit and turned them in to the SEC that potentially saved people from malpractice cases at home because I took my work from they so they couldn't use it.

I mean so they wouldn't be using my stolen work to fake regulations, which could lead to malpractice cases.


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