Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Doing That Server Work & Stuff In Music

Yeah it's super fun doing all that, it's a lot of work though.

I mean like building magazines on the internet for the smart phone, like record store pages with the same shopping cart for fast product distribution.

Then I'm doing all the email server accounts and all that and all the server stuff with the webpages and building the blogs, getting products loaded onto their shopping carts, putting out record store press and music videos.

Then I'm working there too...like when the magazine is done it's a separate business, like they're not dependent on anyone...like I could be doing that to build magazines to sell loaded with shopping cart distribution.

Then we're trying to get top url's to load the magazines and shopping carts on to and then build web traffic with ad space on it, then we're designing all the ad server layouts for advertising products on the pages and then like I said loading them into the shopping carts.

If that was for sale as a separate business on the server...that webpage can just be copied out of the server and copied into the new owners web package fully intact and the domain name transferred if they bought.

Like that's a whole business, building the page with the web traffic and store built in to sell it...for ad space and releasing music videos.

That's super fun doing that, like SAP I worked in on other platforms for smart phone distribution...like because most people just use the internet on the phone now and listen to music there, but it's a pc webpage first...but it's directed to the phone for php to make an easy shopping cart system for the smart phone screen, then with a one click button like the pop machine to buy the product.

So on the pages even if it doesn't say "https" at the ecwid cart the transaction is still secure on their end through credit card and paypal.

Then at the same time I am doing music and going to be releasing songs right on it directly to the store and digital on the phone...so from the studio right to the web for distribution.

Also the music scene is getting more anonymous on there like old lp days because the scene is so large that all they have time for now is the song and the video without too much personal artists details on there because there is no space anymore for all the material in the music scene on the phone.

Then like I said we're getting t-shirt designs to load and sell on the store and then putting out music on digital streams...death metal and grindcore and that and that's our money digital sales down the road from our artists when I start putting out bands and t-shirt sales on the blog shopping cart like on the smart phone carts.


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