Thursday, May 2, 2024

RE: Hot Drinks With Hot Foods At Restaurants

When you're outside, shopping or something, or work and live in a busy area you can eat at the Mall when you are out.
What makes me mad is when I'm on the middle of my day or week and then stop at the Mall for lunch and buy something that's in the middle of my food plan for the week.

That's what happens, I end up with a Pizza and Hot Coffee on my table.

Lots of people eat hot food with coffee.

I mean where I was at in my diet that week, that's what I ate that time.

Then people complain to the counter..."Hot food don't come with a combo for a cold drink."

God man,...

The actual event is Not all food appears in combo,

You order a pizza it says, Bottled Soda Pop sold separate.

Then on lunch menus it says the same thing "Get any item in a combo."

My point is you still have to select Soda Pop instead of coffee.


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