Tuesday, May 14, 2024

HALIFAX: Poverty Group Sets a New Low In The Area, Community Services Not Aware Yet?

That last twenty years for me have been about University Graduation etc., and moving on and all that and I'm nineteen years into that.

Back when I was moving away to play music seventeen years ago, this blog material etc., after my graduation I was one of those people who had to move away after a seven year program.

Now this...

Back in High School when I was leaving for University this happened.

All these people I knew had this story going on and now it's concluded.

This is what happened...

I said to them briefly, oh yeah gotta go.

Later all these events happened, totally fake and made up.

They said everyone they knew who was twenty was already married and owned their own house with kids on the way right at High School Graduation.

Back in the '90s, it's like this...yeah whatever.

I mean, if I'm getting married it's going to take longer than that to pick my wife.

Then 700 of them and NO ONE they knew was in a different situation, then they went out and blew all this money.

That was pretend.

One of the things that happened now was the poor guy living there used the hot water heater money and didn't allow swimming because he told the kids lip balm was cross dressing.

Then they didn't heat the water or wash, then he used the money to buy a motorcycle.

That's where those poor people got motorbikes at, some of them.

So, in your community those events might not have come up yet and places like the "welfare office"...Community Services might not know yet and that's what's happening to that group whose was lying about that being married at twenty with all their friends and they all owned the same housing situation.


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