Wednesday, May 15, 2024

RE: MLB Yankees Commentary Fail

Apparently a lot of people mad about that...

I get it though, you get two new sports networks, scrapped...

I'll have to scrap that are rewind my VCR tape.

Back in the 1990's when Satellite Dish's came out the new ones Direct TV and Dish Network you could easily hack them with free satellite devices called "free to air material", anyway that gets converted to Direct TV maybe on some device card.


All this sports programming came out and FINALLY you can see all the games at home...or at least they are available to purchase.

Then came out around the year 2000.

Later you can buy on Digital Cable services all the full season MLB packages etc. NHL and that.

So they opened NESN and YES Network, for Boston and New York.

Today that's available on all devices.

My point to it is in New York City the home of real New York Pizza all they talk about on the broadcast is eating ALTERNATE pizza not the one New York City is known for.

Then they always sat at the back, then eat the alternate food....

Then everyone is trying to run pizza shops around the stadium and run card stores and sell food and all they do on the broadcast is bash the local New York market saying they only eat alternate products and sit at the back of the stadium.

From the daytime talk show material.

Then their on there ruining all the vendors reputations, get everyone or try to get them talking about alternate products and then playing "name that Yankee" with Meredith off work hours is what it sounds like.


Updated, then if you run a promotional booth from New York...the #1 selling Baseball Hat in world a main mainstream product.

Then that's the New York City market 8 Million people, then all you hear about on the game is small market third party products like alternate food and cheap seating.

So why would someone own a team like New York Yankees with the #1 Commercial Sales Hat in the world and then promote no sales alternate products on the YES Network Broadcast, sounds like a scam to me.


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